January DIY Challenge: DIY Ombre Basket

Happy 2015 everyone and welcome to a new year of Monthly DIY Challenges that me and my lovely bloggy friends put on each and every month! If you are just joining us, here’s the lowdown: each month me and the other bloggers pick a theme or material and then we challenge ourselves to use said items or themes in different and creative ways! So far we’ve done Michaels crates, pumpkins, wood slices, and clear ornaments. January is a month for fresh starts and organization (I mean, who hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution to get organized??) so we decided to name this month’s challenge ’12 Ways to Get Organized’ and our challenge material is using baskets, bins or boxes. Exciting right?

diy ombre basket

Check out my challenge below and then stick around to the end of the post for links to everyone else’s fab projects!!

If you know me, you know that I am a home decor magazine hoarder. There, I said it. I just can’t bear to throw away my beautiful Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV magazines. I might need them someday. You just never know! At the beginning of fall I made a DIY Sisal Rope Basket to house some of my BHG mags, but I’m gonna be honest; it just wasn’t enough. I needed more storage for my precious magazines! Enter a plain wicker basket that I got as part of a gift. I thought if I could give it a fun DIY ombre effect then it would be the perfect addition to my magazine storage collection. Follow along with my tutorial to make your very own DIY Ombre Basket!

DIY Ombre Basket Materials

diy ombre basket

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Painter’s Tape

Gold Spray Paint

White Spray Paint

Step 1

diy ombre basketI took some blue painter’s tape and made a medium sized line around my basket. I know with ombre you usually dabble paint to transition the colors, but since I wasn’t confident I could do so with spray paint without totally botching it. So I decided to be safe and make my sections even with the tape and then go from there.

Step 2

diy ombre basketI took my basket out in the garage and coated the bottom portion of the basket with gold spray paint and the top section with white spray paint. Let one side dry and then flip it over and do the other. Be careful not to accidentally spray up under any areas of loose  tape!

Once everything is dry, carefully remove the tape and bam! all done 🙂 After removing the tape I felt that the transition between colors was just right without any extra work. Depending on what color your basket is originally and/or if you use colors other than neutrals, you might need to spend more time working to make sure your colors transition nicely!

diy ombre basket

I’m really pleased with how this turned out! I took a bargain basket and made it a bit more modern with the ombre effect. It now coordinates with my other magazine basket and is stylish storage that I can keep out in plain sight. Love it!

diy ombre basket

diy ombre basket

diy ombre basket

diy ombre basket

diy ombre basket

Now that you’ve seen my DIY Ombre Basket, head on over to all of my friend’s pages to check out what they did for this challenge! You won’t want to miss out, pinkie promise 😉

diy ombre basket

What’s a challenge item or theme you think our bloggy group should do next? I’d love to hear your suggestions!





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