The Great Crate Challenge!

Hello friends! More apologies for being MIA – still dealing with my dad’s affairs – but I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce that me and 9 of my bloggy friends are participating in The Great Crate Challenge! (Let the ooh’s and ahh’s commence!) Each of us has taken a plain Michael’s crate – available here – and transformed it into our very own creations using unique materials!
michaels crate

Here are all my lovely friends that are involved in this fabulous challenge; be sure to visit each of their blogs and follow on bloglovin’ and social media for more of their fantastic posts!


Tara from Anything and Everything

Breighanne from Average but Inspired

Bre from Brepurposed

Leigh Anne from Houseologie

Kendra from Joy in Our Home

Sarah from Little Red Brick House

Kristi from Making it in the Mountains

Nicole from Meet the B’s

Christina from Operation Home border

The Michael’s crate is extremely versatile as it features well-constructed, sturdy, raw, untreated wood, which is perfect for all the different stains and paints you could try! Just imagine the possibilities! It’s also the perfect size – not too little and not too big; perfect for holding books, blankets, toys and more. The best part? It’s only $13.99! When I went to get mine I also had a 50% off coupon so it cost me next to nothing for a great piece that I could customize to my liking!

Without further ado, here is my take on the Michael’s Crate challenge – my very own crate console table/display shelf!

Materials I used:

michaels crate

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Michael’s Crate

Rust-Oleum Early American Wood Stain


– Gold String or embroidery floss (not pictured)

Hairpin legs (not pictured)

Screws (not pictured)

Drill (not pictured)

First I went about staining my piece with Rust-Oleum Early American Wood Stain in an easy squeeze bottle applicator! I’ve never stained anything in my life before, so I simply followed the instructions on the bottle and it turned out really well! I applied the stain to the rag and in some spots directly on the wood and wiped with the grain. Some of the wood was rough one my crate so it was a bit harder to apply, but with a little persistence and elbow crease I got the piece covered! I looove the color 🙂

michaels crate

Once the stain dried (it was dry to the touch within minutes and set within an hour) I wrapped the gold string around the handles of the crate for a touch of bling and textural interest. I simply just tied a know, and started wrapping until I got a nice layer. Just use a bit of hot glue or E6000 to secure the end!

michaels crate

Next I used my drill and screws and attached the hairpin legs to the underside of my crate! I got these gorgeous hairpin legs from Hairpin Legs for Less – they are super affordable and come in so many fun colors, sizes, and finishes! I only got two because my side table is going to be attached to the wall and I liked the simplistic look of just two legs.

michaels crate

There was a blank space underneath the wall-mounted TV in our bedroom that was just begging for a little somethin’-somethin’ to brighten it up! I simply leaned it up against the wall and screwed the back of the crate into the wall so it’ll stay put. And there you have it! A super quick and easy side table to make using a Michael’s crate! This project only took me a couple of hours and was a breeze to complete. I ADORE how it turned out! My succulent planter gets a nice little home to live in now – look how much it’s grown!



 {still need to figure out what to do with those TV cords!}

michaels create

 {Mumford wanted to say hi!}

michael's crate

michaels crate

michaels crate

Wanna see more awesome crates?? Check out the linky below to see all my friends’ wonderful Michael’s Crate Challenge projects! You don’t want to miss out on a single one. Trust me.






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