Let It Snow Ornaments: December DIY Challenge

Hello! Me and my bloggy friends are back for another monthly DIY challenge! I absolutely love coming up with and working on these challenges and seeing what my friends come up with! So far we’ve done Michaels crates, pumpkins, and wood slices; and this month’s theme is clear glass/plastic globe ornaments! I decided to take 3 and make them into a little trio of “Let it Snow” ornaments! Check out my tutorial below and then stick around till the end where you can see everyone else’s fab projects!

let it snow

“Let it Snow” Ornament Trio Materials

let it snow ornaments

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Glass ornaments (I purchased the biggest size Michaels had and they came in a 4-pack!)

Gold leaf paint pen

Faux snow

Christmas greenery

Wire cutters

Gold spray paint


I found all of these materials at Michaels and everything was super reasonable! Even more reasonable once I added a 40% off coupon 😉

Step 1

let it snow ornamentsAfter practicing with my gold leaf paint pen on the spare 4th ornament in my pack (I didn’t want to mess it up!) I then carefully lettered each of the words ‘let’ ‘it’ and ‘snow’ on each of the remaining 3 ornaments in fancy script. I just freehanded it, but if you aren’t confident in you freehand skills, feel free to stencil letters on or even use stickers! The picture above has one layer of gold leaf pen, and after it dried I went over my letters again to really make them pop!

let it snow ornaments

Step 2

let it snow ornaments

Using the tray that the ornaments came in, I propped up each ornament and made a little funnel of paper to stick in it. I slowly poured the faux snow in each one until they were about 1/4 of the way full! Looks like snow already!

Step 3

let it snow ornamentsNext I took my wire cutters and snipped off little bits of pine branch from my greenery. I liked the gold sparkly tips on the ends!

let it snow ornamentsI dropped one of the pine snippets into each of my ‘Let it Snow’ ornaments with the intention of uprighting them to look like little trees. But after 20 minutes of sticking my tweezers into the globes to try to right them, they did just now want to stay standing in the faux snow! So I let them be, tricky little buggers. After a while I actually came to like the way they looked lying in there – more natural and woodsy, like I just plucked it from a tree.

let it snow ornaments

Step 4

let it snow ornamentsI decided the ornaments needed a little something extra, a little extra sparkle, so to speak. So I snipped more bits off of my greenery and pulled off all the little greens and popped and even amount in each one! Perfection!

let it snow ornaments

Step 5 – optional

let it snow ornamentsThis step is totally optional, but since I was putting so much gold into/on my ornaments, I decided to make the tops match by spritzing them with a little gold spray paint. I thought I would be quick about it and just do it in my craft room. Oops. Even a small amount of spray paint really stinks up the place, so be sure you’re in a well ventilated area! I had to leave my window open (while it was below freezing!) for 20 minutes to get the stink out. My bad.

Step 6

let it snow ornaments

And that’s it! Easy Peasy. Here are my pretty ‘Let it Snow’ ornaments all finished!

let it snow ornamentsSadly I don’t have my Christmas tree yet, so I didn’t really have anywhere to hang these guys so you can get a good picture! I tried hanging them outside on one of my deciduous trees… The photos don’t really do them justice! The sun was too glarey off the snow on the ground :/

let it snow ornaments let it snow ornaments let it snow ornaments

I think these would look great on a three-pronged ornament hanger like this:

let it snow ornaments

let it snow ornaments

let it snow ornaments

And there you have it! A sweet trio of ‘Let it Snow’ ornaments to put on the tree or hang in a display! I really like how natural and rustic they are. I’ll definitely be sticking them on my tree once we actually get one! 🙂

let it snow ornaments

Now check out all the FAB projects from my bloggy friends by clicking on each of the pictures below! Be sure to give them some love!


 Do you like or dislike the snow? I love to look at it and walk in it, but hate driving in it!





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