How to Mod Podge Fabric onto Metal

Hello dear friends, it’s time for the Monthly DIY Challenge! Are these posts your fave because these monthly posts are definitely some of my faves! :) In case you’re new to Dwell Beautiful, here’s the low down: on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, me and my mind-blowingly talented bloggy friends create something based on a common theme and/or material. Sometimes we work with brands, sometimes we don’t. Here are some of my fave past challenge project materials: Michaels cratesplumbing piecesair dry clay, Royal Design Studio Stencils and leather, and HomeRight spray paint shelters.

*Be sure to stick around to the end of the post so you can see all of my friends’ amazing and interesting projects AND AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY!*

how to mod podge fabric onto metal monthly diy challenge

I was looking for something I could Mod Podge for this month’s project and came across a little tray I had picked up ages ago from a bargain website. It was cute, but it definitely could use a little POP to make it shine. However, it was a metal tray, which I’d never tried mod podging anything to before. But guess what? You can absolutely use Mod Podge to stick fabric to metal and it’s the easiest thing in the world! Check out the tutorial below to find out how.

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Mod Podge Metal Tray Materials

how to mod podge fabric to metal

Metal tray

Fabric of your choice

Mod Podge in matte finish

Paint brush


Fabric marker or pen (I just used a washable marker)

Step 1

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Take your fabric pen or washable marker and trace around the bottom of your tray. I flipped my fabric over to the backside before tracing so any errant ink marks wouldn’t show.

Step 2

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Taking a pair of scissors, cut around the tracing you just made. Place in the bottom of your tray to check for fit. If the fabric is still a little big, trim around the edges with your scissors until you get the perfect fit!

Step 3
how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Coat the bottom of your tray with a light layer of the matte Mod Podge using a paintbrush. You don’t want it too thick or else the fabric will get all squishy, but you want enough to make sure your fabric really sticks. Lay your fabric carefully over the Mod Podge and press down firmly.

Step 4

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Once you have your fabric pressed firmly onto the bottom of the tray, it’s time to add Mod Podge to the top to seal it and provide a semi-waterproof barrier. Lightly brush a layer of Mod Podge over your piece of fabric, paying special attention to the edges. Don’t worry if it looks white and streaky, it will dry even and clear!

And there you have it! Easy as pie. You can easily Mod Podge fabric to just about anything, including metal (!), simply and easily. I just love the pop of visual interest the fabric adds to my otherwise boring tray!how to mod podge fabric onto metal

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

The surface is slightly hard, but still allows the grain of the fabric to show through. Since Mod Podge is sturdy and semi-water resistant when dry, I feel comfortable putting drinks on this tray and using it to carry beverages around at parties.

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Love the modern gray and white Swiss cross pattern paired with the bright yellow metal – such a fun and modern combo! You also get a peek at our recently made over kitchen – check out the gorgeous reveal HERE!

how to mod podge fabric onto metal

Now that you’ve seen how to Mod Podge fabric onto metal, it’s time to check out my bloggy friend’s Mod Podge projects! Click a picture below to be transported to their kick-a tutorials 🙂 

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how to mod podge fabric onto metal

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