November DIY Challenge: Wood Slice Fireplace Facade

It’s one of my favorite times of the month again – it’s our Monthly DIY Challenge! If you haven’t been following along, me and a group of my best blogger friends choose an item each month and then challenge ourselves to use that item in a creative way. It’s a ton of fun and a good way to get those creative juices flowing and start thinking out of the box. Starting in December, we will be posting our challenges on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, so be sure to come back and check out what we have up our sleeves! So far we’ve done crate projects and pumpkin projects and this month our featured item is wood slices! I’m so excited to share my project with you, even if I had a couple of hiccups along the way. Wood is one of my favorite materials in home decor and the warm tones it brings just adds a whole new level of cozy to any space! Without further ado, here is my wood slice fireplace facade!

wood slice fireplace facade

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I’ve done a project with this material before with my wood round ring holder, but I knew right away when we decided on wood slices that I wanted to create a fireplace facade for the inside of my newly painted white brick fireplace. I was inspired by this pin that I had found on Pinterest several weeks before. I just knew that I had to recreate it and that it would be the perfect touch to my slowly-evolving living room! We’ve recently started having fires in our fireplace and as a result there are always bits of charred logs and ash that look not-so-classy. This fireplace facade will be a good cover-up for all this junk:

wood slice fireplace facade

My first problem was procuring said wood slices. I don’t own nor have never operated any sort of saw, and even if I did have a saw, there was only one tree out of all the trees in my yard that I would be willing to cut down and all were all sopping wet after weeks of rain! I knew I needed a lot of wood slices to make this project work, so I looked into buying them. At $8-$10 a pop, I knew it would be WAY too expensive to get all the materials I needed. Luckily a friend came to the rescue and cut up some of the firewood he had lying around in his backyard into rounds that I could use for my facade! The day is saved!

wood slice fireplace facade

The next thing that I needed was a piece of plywood that would fit nicely inside my fireplace opening. I’ve never bought wood before, so I thought I would bravely head to Home Depot alone and give it a shot. After asking about 3 employees if I could get some plywood cut, I finally ended up talking to a gentleman who said that their saw was broken and they wouldn’t be able to cut anything for me. Just my luck!

So I turned around and headed back past my house and double the distance in the opposite direction to Lowes. I found the wood section easily and messily maneuvered a giant piece of plywood onto a cart, which I’m sure was quite humorous to any passersby as a tiny 5’3″ girl in a dress tried to coax an 8×4 piece of heavy plywood to do her bidding. After wrangling the beast I got in line for the wood cutter behind a pair of men who only had about 80 bajillion pieces they needed cut. And then halfway through their bajillion pieces, the wood cutter guy decided he needed to go on break, so then we waited another 15 minutes for his replacement to come and finish the other half bajillion. When it was finally my turn, I told the employee I only needed a 2×3 piece of plywood, he chuckled and told me that 3 aisles over, hidden underneath some crown molding, were plywood pieces that were 2×4 and that I should have gotten one of those. Out of line I go in hunt of the smaller plywood; I found it easily, but then had to wait in line again so that I could get the extra foot cut off. All to say, it too me about an hour and a half+ to get one measly 2×3 sheet of plywood. Wowzers. Phew!

After I got the plywood home, I gave it three quick coats of flat black spray paint. The coats dried really quickly and the end result was the perfect dark black background that would house my wood slices:

wood slice fireplace facade

I laid out the rounds to see how they would fit and then started gluing down each one using Gorilla brand wood glue. To make sure they really stuck, I stood on top of each one after I had glued it down! The bottle says to clamp the wood but I don’t have that many clamps, and really, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. So I just gave ’em a good stepping on and called it good.

wood slice fireplace facadeAfter everything was glued down and stepped on, I left it to dry overnight laying nice and flat. I think it turned out pretty well for having run into so many problems in the beginning!

wood slice fireplace facadeNow it was time to put ‘er up in my fireplace! That sucker was heavy after all the wood slices had been glued on! I fit it into the fireplace and stood back to admire my handiwork. I think it turned out pretty cool and classy for having run into so many problems along the way!

wood slice fireplace facadeIt’s not perfect in the least, but I think it adds some fun textural and natural elements that makes the fireplace feel more complete. The circles of the wood are even mirrored in my newly put up Thankful Banner! next thing to go is that horrid puke green half wall! Seriously can’t wait until it’s gone. Once the pallet wood wall is up, this room will feel SO much more complete and put together.

wood slice fireplace facade

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