How to Create a DIY Makeup Brush Holder from an Old Candle Jar

The new year means getting organized, and for me, that means going through each and every room in my house and purging all the old crap and organizing what’s leftover. (Or maybe that’s just my nesting instinct kicking in haha). Regardless, one of the first places I tackled was our master bathroom, and consequently, all my makeup supplies. My makeup brushes were getting smooshed and dirty just rolling around in a drawer, so I decided to make a stylish makeup brush holder to get them organized and keep them looking pretty!

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

The great thing about this project is that it is SO super easy, takes only a few minutes, AND helps you reuse old candle jars that you would otherwise have no use for. You know, those big Bath and Body Works candles? I can’t resist buying at least 2-3 each season every year and once the wax has burned down, I like to reuse the jars to help out the environment, and just because I’m frugal like that haha. Don’t know how to get that last little bit of was out of the jar? Check out my tutorial for removing wax and cleaning candle jars HERE! Follow along below for this incredibly easy and beautiful tutorial!

DIY Makeup Brush Holder Materials

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

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Step 1

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Mix up your Mod Podge by gently stirring with your brush – you don’t want to shake it or else you could get air bubbles! Using the same brush, add thin, even layer of Mod Podge to the inside of your candle jar. You want to do it on the inside so that the outside of the jar has that nice glassy finish and so that the glitter doesn’t shed everywhere anytime you move it 🙂

Step 2

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Pour in a hefty amount of glitter in the color of your choice. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that gold glitter is always my go-to for just about anything 😉 I like using the Martha Stewart fine glitter because it’s really subtle and classy, but you can use chunkier glitter too if you’d like for a different look!

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Now the key is to get the entire jar coated with glitter before the Mod Podge dries. I found the most effective way to do this was to put the candle jar lid back on and just shake it all around so that the glitter adhered to the whole surface evenly. Once dry, go back over any spotty areas with a little bit more Mod Podge and glitter

*I tried to speed up this process by using my hair dryer to get the Mod Podge dry quicker – BIG mistake. Glitter flew everywhere! haha*

Step 3

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Now, to get your makeup brushes to stand up in your beautiful new makeup brush holder, you need to fill it. I like using Poly Pellets, which are usually used for adding weight to stuffed animals and the like. However, I’ve seen places like Sephora use these exact pellets in their displays so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me 😉 Just pour some until you are about an inch or so below the top lip of the jar.

Et voila! A beautiful makeup brush holder from an old candle jar:

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I really love how the glitter is subtle and and sparkly, but the outside of the makeup brush holder is smooth and mess-free.

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I only put 5 brushes here for the sake of photos, but I’ve since added another 5 or so and there is still a ton of room left for more brushes!

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I feel oh-so-fancy getting ready now whenever I whip out one of my brushes from this stylish jar.

Candle Jar DIY Makeup Brush Holder

This DIY craft is SUPER easy and takes just minutes and it’s a super great way to reuse those old candle jars. Make one for yourself and more for your friends and family! You could even add more customization by adding vinyl stickers or labels to the outside of the jar. They’ll be super impressed, promise 🙂

If you’re interested in more ways to reuse old candle jars, check out my tutorial for turning one into cute bathroom cotton ball storage HERE!

How do you store your makeup brushes?



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