Great Gatsby Themed Party

Summer is in full-swing and I just love a good summertime shindig. Drinks, dancing, good food, great friends, just living the night away footloose and fancy free! Ever since moving into our house, I’ve been itching to throw a really good party for all our friends – and what better kind of party than a Great Gatsby themed party?!
great gatsby themed

I love themed parties and one of my most favorite themes of all for any sort of party, wedding, get-together etc, has to be, hands-down, Great Gatsby. Seriously.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to party with Gatsby?! I adore the 1920s – the music, the style, the fun. Yes, I realize the Jazz Age was not all it’s cracked up to be, but I can’t help loving the portrayal we give it today. Glitz, glamour and high society amidst rivers of champagne and jazzy band music. Love. Love. Love. So I thought I would throw some tips together for throwing your own Great Gatsby themed party as I prep for my own (which I will probably host next summer once my house is more put together!)

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Great Gatsby Themed Invitations

Every great party starts with a great invite! Think black and gold, art deco patterns, and everything glamourous. You can make your own using free fonts like at the top left, or there are many Etsy shops (like Pretty with Ink Invites) that will hand-design Gatsby themed invites for you! Be sure to send out well in advance!


Great Gatsby Themed Party Attire

Ooh, 1920s garb has to be one of my most favorite things. Ever. Ladies, find yourselves a fun (and preferably really sparkly!) flapper/art deco style dress, add in some glitzy and/or feathered hair pieces or headbands, and go for glam with the jewelry and nails. In the 1920s, the really fashionable girls usually had their hair short, which can be mimicked with a curled and pinned chignon or finger waves. Gents, get classy and wear a full tux if you can! Mhmm, I do love a man in a tux. If you want to go more casual, wear a button up, vest, tie, and some nice pants. Slick back that hair and don some fancy cufflinks. Et voila! You’re ready to party it up, Gatsby-style.


Great Gatsby Themed Party Decor

Decor is what ties a great cohesive party together! For this Great Gatsby themed party I absolutely recommend playing up the black and gold for the highest amount of glamor possible. Garlands, streamers, and glitter backdrops are all totally DIYable and you can get inexpensive gold and black party ware from places like Hang old fashioned globe lights around the house and backyard for a cozy glow. For centerpieces, arrange white ostrich feathers or fresh white flowers in dollar store vases. Fabric draped along the ceiling gives off an intimate and luxurious feel! You can even hang some art deco prints to set the tone.


Great Gatsby Themed Food & Drink

You can’t have a party without drinks! Or delicious food.  For a Great Gatsby themed party, whip up some classy cocktails and always have champagne on tap. (A champagne tower is even better! I mean, really.) For eats, go for nibbles and hors d’oeuveres. Think small bites that can fit on a cocktail plate or napkin and can be eaten easily, but still look divine. After all, you don’t want to be so full that you can’t dance the night away! Add a fun self-serve dessert bar with macarons, cupcakes, whipped desserts, and more; add little name plates and flags for a classy touch.


 And don’t forget the jazz music and to have a good time!

“A little party never killed nobody.”


 *Note: I do not own any of the photos above, but all are properly credited.*

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