Simple and Charming Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Do you guys out there love Valentine’s Day or does it make you want to barf? Hubby and I aren’t toooo into this holiday. (I mean, afterall it’s just a holiday invented by greeting card companies, right? ;)) but we do like to celebrate a little bit… and maybe buy a ton of discounted chocolate the day afterwards 😀 In years past, we’ve done unconventional dates like go to a comedy show or stay home and hang out. This year though, I happen to have an OB appointment on good ol’ Heart Day, so after baby girl and I get checked out, I’m going to drop by Nate’s work and we’re going to grab some nomz downtown (probably along with a million of our closest friends hah) but we’ve decided we’ve got to live it up a bit before we enter the newborn haze next month (!)

I don’t usually decorate for this particular holiday, but I realized I had a bunch of wooden hearts leftover from this DIY Wedding Guestbook project, so I decided to use a few to make a Valentine’s Day mini heart wreath. Follow along with the tutorial below! 🙂

Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Wreath Materials

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

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Wooden Hearts                    – Mod Podge               – Paint Brush               – Red Glitter

Embroidery Hoop            – Golden String            – Hot Glue Gun           – Leather Cord

Step 1

Rifle through your bag of wooden hearts and find 4 of the best looking ones. I had two different sized hearts, so I chose a bigger one for the middle of my Valentine’s Day mini heart wreath, and 3 smaller ones for the bottom.

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Next, take your paint brush, dip it in some Mod Podge, and paint a very thin layer onto the front sides of each of your wooden hearts. I did this one at a time so that the glue didn’t have time to dry too quickly.

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Sprinkle red glitter on top of the Mod Podge layer, shake to move it all around, then tap the extra glitter off. I like to do this on top of a piece of spare paper so I can funnel the excess glitter back into the original container. Waste not, want not! You’ll have 4 beautiful sparkly red hearts like so when you are finished:

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Step 2

Now to get the embroidery hoop prepared. Remove the inner ring and tie a piece of golden string to the top middle of it. Take the outer ring and tie 3 evenly spaced pieces of string around the bottom, opposite the tightening mechanism. Replace the inner hoop and tighten. Trim excess string and dot each knot with a teeny bit of hot glue to ensure it doesn’t unravel.

Step 3

Take your glitter hearts and glue the backs of them to each of the strings. Again, I used the bigger heart for the middle of the hoop, and then the three smaller ones in a little triangle pattern beneath the hoop.

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Step 4

To get your Valentine’s Day mini heart wreath to hang in a cute way, I added a little bit of leather cord to the top of my embroidery hoop. I simply cut a length of the leather cord, looped it, and then hot glued the ends to the back of the hoop. Easy peasy!

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Et voila, a beautiful Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Wreath!

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

This mini wreath is perfect for hanging on doorknobs, our your child’s wall, or to give as a gift! I love the simple but classic look – it’s Valentine’s Day themed without going overboard, and you can even leave it up all year round if you want to.

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

^ Truth. Except my husband isn’t the awkward one – that’s me. Hahaha. So hopefully he’d say that I seduced him with my charming awkwardness 😉 Perhaps I should’ve written “I’m so glad seduced you with my charming awkwardness” but regardless, I’m SO glad that my husband and I found and mutually seduced each other 😉

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Sneaky peeky of the cactus wall paper in baby girl’s nursery! Couldn’t resist going in there for a quick snap 😀

This little mini wreath only took me a few minutes to whip up, so it’d be super easy to make a bunch of them for friends or as valentines for classmates. How cute would that be??

Valentine's Day Mini Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Day – love it or just meh?



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