The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners

So. I have developed a new hobby obsession. That’s right, it’s weaving. I had a fairly sizeable yarn stash because I’m also a crocheter, but wanted to find a new and interesting way to use up all my yarn. Enter weaving. You know, those beautiful wall hangings with the rows of fluffy white roving and delicious fringe? Yes, I wanted to learn how to make those. And you guys, it’s surprisingly not as hard as I thought it would be! If you too want to get into weaving, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best weaving tutorials for beginners so you can learn a new skill, use up that yarn stash, and make something beautiful!

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners

It’s been super fun and relaxing to weave on my loom (which, if you are looking to get one – I got one from Funem Studio on Etsy (aff link), which I love!). So far I have made 5 woven wall hangings, and then the next one I’m planning on making is one for my daughter’s nursery! Weaving is such a fun hobby, you guys. So check out the links below if you want to get started!

As always, if you like what you see, please head on over to the original source before pinning and be sure to leave the weavers some love in the form of comments, shares, whatever, to let them know you appreciate their tutorials! 🙂

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{DIY Waves and Soumak Weaving Wall Art from Petit bout de chou} – Soumak is one of my favorite stitches of all time and I love the pretty pattern make when you use them in waves.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{Weaving Class: The Basics from A Beautiful Mess} – You can never go wrong with the basics! Learn them and make a copy of this weaving as you go through the tutorial.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners(Weaving Techniques: 5 Simple Ways to Add Texture from A Pretty Fix} – What I love about weaving is the delectable textures that you can create. This tutorial shows you how to do 5 different ones that really add some punch to your project!

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{How to Add Fabric to Weaving from Hello Hydrangea} – Weaving doesn’t just have to use yarn! Learn how to incorporate fabric material into your weaving for a unique and custom look.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{A Weaver’s Methodology from Loom and Spindle}- You can make more beautiful weavings if you have a plan! Check out this methodology and follow the steps so each project you make has purpose and great design.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{DIY Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving from Gathering Beauty} – If you don’t have a loom of your own, you can use lots of different items, (like a clipboard!) for making your very own weavings. Good for if you want to try weaving before you invest in supplies!

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{Top 7 Weaving Issues and How to Fix Them from The Weaving Loom} – Weaving doesn’t come without it’s difficulties – here are 7 common problems you might run into and how you can fix them without hassle or stress.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{Essential Weaving Techniques for Wall Hangings from Interweave} – There are go-to stitches for a lot of weavers – check out the most popular ones and how you can incorporate them into your own projects!

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{The Beginner’s Weaving Guide from The Weaving Loom} – This is a great guide for all things beginner. Learn about the terminology, the tools, and how to start and finish your weaves.

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners{Welcome to Weaving Courses from Hello Hydrangea} – And last, but certainly not least, are the purchaseable courses from Hello Hydrangea on Etsy – Lindsay is the reason I know how to weave and I’m so thankful! Her courses come with a PDF and TONS of videos so you can follow along at your own pace, rewind, fast forward, and come back to again and again. I love these courses so much and I know you will too!

This is the weaving I’m finishing up right now before I start the one for my daughter’s nursery:

The Best Weaving Tutorials for Beginners

It’s been a ton of fun experimenting with different weights of yarn and different stitches and I can’t wait to make more. Are you into weaving? I’d love to see pictures of your work!

What’re your favorite weaving tutorials for beginners?




  • The article is very helpful and useful too. I was searching for the best way to make my weaving easy and your ideas made it Erica. Thanks for sharing such outstanding ideas!

  • Jelica says:

    Hi Erica! Thanks so much for sharing my tutorial on adding texture to wall weavings. Glad you enjoyed it. You’ve got a great round up here – (I think I’ve tried/visited nearly all of the ones on your list, too 🙂 ). So much inspiration out there!

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