Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags – The Last Monthly DIY Challenge

CHRISTMAS IS COMMMINGGGGGGG!!! (Picture that I said that like Buddy the Elf). And since Christmas is coming, that also means you are probably working on getting gifts for people or preparing treats for class parties, and holiday get-togethers. It’s Monthly DIY Challenge day, and this month’s material was label holders. I decided to use them to create clever little interchangeable Naughty or Nice Christmas treat bags that are just perfect for gift-giving, class treats, or party favors. They are TOO cute, trust me! Check out my tutorial for these Naughty or Nice Christmas treat bags and then stick around to check out all the other amazing projects!

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

I also wanted to sadly let you know that it’s the very last Monthly DIY Challenge. We’ve been doing this little challenge for about 3 years (you can see all of the old challenge posts HERE!), and while we all love participating, all of our blogs and home lives have been going in different directions. It became clear to us that it was time to set our much beloved Monthly DIY Challenge aside. We will miss posting a group challenge every month, but never fear, there will still be plenty of DIY and crafty tutorials both here and on all the other blogs!

Christmas Treat Bag Materials

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

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Small cotton drawstring bags                – Cutting machine                    – Heat transfer material

Weeding tool                     – Iron                      – Label holders (scrapbook-sized)

Gold leaf paint pen                    – Paper                           – Pen                               – Scissors

Step 1

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Open up your cutting machine software to a new document. Choose a font you love and type the following: “(Insert Name Here) has been ______ this year”. I used a script font, and then centered my text so that the name was on the top, ‘has been’ on the next line, then a hard return, then ‘this year’ on the last line. The space is to leave room for the label holders! Size the text to fit on the front of your drawstring bags.

Step 2

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Since we are using heat transfer material, we need to mirror our text so that it will iron on the right way! You do this by selecting your box of text, and selecting Object > Mirror > Mirror Horizontally from the software’s menu.

Step 3

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Insert your heat transfer material into your cutting machine glossy side down and send the design through the software to your machine. Watch it cut away!

Step 4

Weed your designs and place where you want them on the cotton drawstring bags. Using your iron on the cotton setting, apply heat to your designs. I like to put a barrier between the iron and my designs (like a washcloth or spare piece of fabric) because I don’t like ironing straight on the plastic.

Step 5

This isn’t required, but I wanted my label holders to be gold to go better with the green on my Christmas treat bags. To do this, just use a gold leaf paint pen and color over the label holders. Let dry, and repeat with a second coat. Don’t forget to do the heads of the brads, too!

Step 6

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Attach the label holders to the drawstring bags. This is super easy – the brads easily poke through the cotton fabric, so no cutting or gluing required!

Step 7

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Cut little strips of paper to fit inside the label holders and label them naughty or nice as you see fit! 😉 I, of course, labeled my husband myself as nice (I mean seriously, he’s taken care of me so much this year through pregnancy and surgery!). If you make these for family members, you can reuse them year after year and change out the label depending on behavior 😉

Now just fill with your favorite treats and give away!

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

I only seemed to have mints lying around the house, so that’s what I popped in there, but you could use any sort of festive Christmas candy!

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

If the person you are giving it to was naughty, you could always fill with faux coal candy or chocolate chips 😉

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Maybe hubby and I will use these Naughty or Nice Christmas treat bags to slip each other little gifts throughout the Christmas season! Would work well on a larger scale too for present bags for kids from Santa.

Naughty or Nice Christmas Treat Bags

Now that you’ve seen how I’ve made those adorable Naughty or Nice Christmas treat bags, check out the links below for all the other genius label holder challenge projects! You seriously don’t wanna miss out!

We will miss the Monthly DIY Challenge (and I’m sure you will, too!) and we really enjoyed bringing you clever themed projects these last 3 years. Thank you SO much to all my bloggy tribe gals who have been on this fun creative journey with me and never fear – you’ll still find great DIY and craft projects here each month!

What would you put in these Naughty or Nice Christmas treat bags??



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