Crochet Hook Storage Box

Guess what? It’s time again for the Monthly Silhouette Creator’s Challenge! What’s the Monthly Silhouette Creator’s Challenge, you may ask? Every month, a few of my bloggy pals and myself make a cool project using our Silhouette machines and then we share them with you all! For previous challenges, I have made a custom Harry Potter t-shirt, some fun British phone booth art, and a pretty Coldplay lyric tote bag. This month? This month I made an awesome little storage box for all of my crochet hooks 🙂


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I was browsing around Michaels the other day, looking for inspiration for this month’s project when I found this little beauty:

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

A super cute painted box on clearance for a couple bucks?? Yes please! I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it yet, but I know I could come up with something that’s both useful and pretty.

When I got home, I looked through all of the designs I had in my Silhouette Design Studio library and found an adorable knitting design and inspiration struck – a knitting needle/crochet hook storage box! I pulled out all of my hooks and they all fit just perfectly. Score! Previously I had just been tossing my needles and hooks into my basket of yarn, but it was always hard to keep track of them or find the one I needed. This is a much better (and prettier!) solution!

I pulled up my design in the software and sized it to my needs. This design comes in two parts, so I cut the knitting needles out of white vinyl and the knitted fabric out of teal vinyl.

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

Once my CAMEO cut out my pieces, I weeded them using my hook tool. I just LOVE the phrase “handmade is all you need” – isn’t that the truth?? Handmade things are just the best.

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

I transferred my design over to my little box by using some transfer tape and my scraper tool.

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

Et voila! That’s it! A pretty little crochet hook storage box right at my fingertips in no time flat!

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

I just love all the bright colors – crocheting makes me happy and this box makes me happy!

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

See how they just fit perfectly inside?? I love how the crochet hooks come in fun colors too 🙂

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box
silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

Looks good next to my heart map art too, doesn’t it? 😉

silhouette challenge crochet hook storage box

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crochet hook storage box

Do you knit or crochet? What’s your favorite project to date?





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