DIY British Phone Booth Art

If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love love LOVE the United Kingdom. My heritage is basically mostly Scottish with a little Irish and English thrown in (I’m even descended from Charlemagne!) and I’m convinced I lived in England in another life. I adore all things British, from afternoon tea (which I take the British way with cream and sugar) to Harry Potter – if It’s from the UK, I love it. Period. So for this month’s Silhouette Challenge, I knew I had to keep the British theme rolling. Last month I made a kick-a (if I do say so myself) Harry Potter t-shirt and this month I’m made some classy British phone booth art. Stick around to the end of the post for links to everyone else’s great challenge projects!

I just love the iconic red phone booths you see in London, and it’s another subtle nod to something else British that I love – Doctor Who (can I get a what up from my fellow Whovians??). Instead of the bold red, which doesn’t exactly fit my color scheme, I decided to go for my classic gold and white combo. It’s an instant winner!

Here’s what I started with, a blank canvas. Pretty boring.

british phone booth art

I spray painted that baby gold and let dry. I just love the even coverage and zero brush marks that you get with spray paint. Ahh, so easy!

Meanwhile, I pulled up a phone booth design I found in the Silhouette Design store sized it up to fit my canvas. Take note, if you are going to be making it long, like I did, select “none” under that mat type – otherwise your Silhouette will just stop cutting at where the end of the mat would be and not finish cutting your design. I learned this one the heard way. I wasted a bit of vinyl with that mistake! Womp womp.

british phone booth art

I sent my design to my Silhouette and watch it cut away. I then weeded out the pieces I didn’t want, leaving a beautiful white crisp phone booth.

british phone booth art

Once weeded, I applied my design to my canvas et voila! A super easy way to make professional looking art. I just love the color combo and the nod to one of my favorite places of all time. All the heart eyes for this project!

british phone booth art

british phone booth art

british phone booth art

british phone booth art

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Have you ever been to the United Kingdom?





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