Silhouette Creator’s Challenge: Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

It has been officially fall for a couple of weeks and it’s been soo-oo-ooo good getting all cozy for the season. I’ve already had my fair share of pumpkin spice lattes, worn cozy boots and sweaters, and curled up with a good book or magazine when it’s drizzling and gray outside. Ahhh, fall. However, I don’t really have much in the way of fall decor. So I decided to make a pretty little fall vase to brighten up my table during these chilly autumn months for this month’s Silhouette Creator’s Challenge!

Fall and Halloween Silhouette Crafts

Previous challenges include: Harry Potter t-shirt,  British phone booth art,  Coldplay lyric tote bagcrochet hook storage boxbeach finds treasure bag, and pumpkin spice tea towel so be sure to check ’em out after you read about my easy hello fall mason jar vase below!

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase Materials

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

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Step 1

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Download the “hello fall” and leaf designs from the Silhouette store and open in your design studio software. Size the “hello fall” phrase until it will fit on your mason jar. When you have it sized to your liking, head to the cut menu and set the material for ‘vinyl’ and your ratchet blade to 2. Insert your frosted vinyl into your CAMEO and hit ‘Send to Silhouette’!

Step 2

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Weed your frosted vinyl and then move your phrase over to the flat side of your mason jar using transfer tape. Peel back the tape and you’ll have a beautiful frosty mason jar that looks like etched glass!

Step 3

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Size the leaves to fit your mason jar. Repeat the same steps for setting your cut menu and ratchet blade settings. This time insert the gold vinyl into your CAMEO and hit ‘Send to Silhouette’.

Step 4

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Weed the gold vinyl from around your leaves, again using the hook tool. To make the leaves look like they are falling, simply peel each leaf off like a sticker and place on the mason jar in a random pattern. That’s it! Too easy, huh?

I love how this is the perfect little fall vase for flowers and branches! A pretty little piece of easy-to-make fall decor 🙂

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

Hello Fall Mason Jar Vase

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hello fall mason jar vase

What’s your favorite piece of fall decor?




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