Harry Potter Accio Coffee T-Shirt

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a big nerd. Seriously. HarryPotterIsEVERYTHING. HARRYPOTTERISLIFE. These spell-binding (see what I did there?) books started coming out right when I was 11 years old (which if you know the series, it’s when you are supposed to get your Hogwarts letter). Alas, I never did get that elusive letter, which forces me to accept that I am a muggle *tears*, but nevertheless I forged on and devoured each new book as it was released. I could go on and on and on (and on) about how much I love HP, but I will digress. I’ve been wanting to make a t-shirt that combines my childhood, and eternal, love of Harry Potter and my grown-up love for coffee. Thus the Harry Potter Accio Coffee t-shirt was born!


I recently joined a Silhouette Challenge group and thought this would be the perfect first project as part of this group. I’ll show youΒ how I made the t-shirt using a Silhouette machine below and then stay tuned to the bottom of the post where you can click over to all the other awesome challenge projects!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Harry Potter Accio Coffee T-Shirt Materials

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

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I first started by creating my design in the Silhouette Design Studio. Accio is the summoning spell used in Harry Potter, so I think it was fair and humorous to make a design that was basically telling the world to bring me coffee πŸ™‚ Β Once I created my design, I mirrored it so that it would print correctly onto my heat transfer vinyl.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

Then I inserted my heat transfer vinyl into my Silhouette by sticking it in, shiny/glittery side down, and hitting ‘load media’ on my CAMEO’s touchscreen.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

After my Accio Coffee design was cut out, I unloaded the heat transfer vinyl and weeded away the unnecessary areas using my hook tool till I was left with the pretty sparkly design.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

I then placed my design on top of my t-shirt, picking it up and readjusting it about a bajillion times until I had itΒ exactly where I wanted it.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

To iron it down, I placed a washcloth over my design and then ironed over it for several minutes, sometimes leaving the iron in one place for several seconds to really adhere it in place.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

Once I was sure my design was stuck to my t-shirt, I took away the washcloth and peeled back the plastic sheeting. To make my design more 3D and custom looking, I repeated the steps above, this time with black glitter heat transfer vinyl, and off-centered it over the gold, making a cool glittery shadow.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

After I was absolutely sure I had it in the right spot, I ironed once more with the washcloth on top. I then peeled off the backing, turned the shirt inside out and ironed it from the inside to make sure everything was fused properly.

And abracadabra my Harry Potter Accio Coffee t-shirt was done! Is it possible to be in love with a t-shirt? Because I think I totally am. *swoon*

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

No, I don’t plan on using this t-shirt for home decor (how could I not wear this bad boy??) but it was fun hanging it in various places and styling it. Like with my awesome vintage Hogwarts poster. Perfection? I think so.

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

Yes, I may have a *small tiny minuscule okay HUGE* obsession with all things HP and it makes me happy. It was a lot of fun making this shirt and I can’t wait to show it off! I’m sure all of you other Harry Potter (and coffee) nerds will appreciate it. IΒ may even be persuaded to make them to sell if I get enough interest! Just leave a comment or email me if you might want to purchase one!

harry potter accio coffee tshirt

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diy harry potter accio coffee t-shirt

On a scale of 1 – 10, how big of a Harry Potter fan are you? πŸ˜‰


(Original Accio Coffee design is copyright property of Erica Sooter/Dwell Beautiful)



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