FAT Paint Company DIY Jewelry Box

Hey friends! Well, it’s 2nd Wednesday of the month and that means Monthly DIY Challenge time! Booyah. In case you’re new, here’s what’s up: on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, me and my wonderfully brilliant blogger friends and I create something based on a common theme and/or material. Here are some of our recent challenge project materials: air dry clayleather, reclaimed woodfeltchalkboard paint, white pillowcases, wooden dowels, and planters.

FAT Paint Projects

This month we are working with The FAT Paint Company! They are an artisan company that produces unique and beautiful chalk-style paint, wax, top coats, and more. You can find out more about their awesome company HERE. They are sponsoring today’s post and I’m so glad they did – it’s so fun to work with! We were given the paint and compensation for this product.

(And stick around to the end of the post because we are also putting on a GIVEAWAY so you too can try this awesome product out!)

DIY Jewelry Box

For this challenge, I decided to makeover this plain wood jewelry box that I found at Michael’s. I would have done a piece of furniture with this awesome paint, but we just finished moving and everything has just been sort of up in the air and chaotic, so I figured a nice jewelry box would be the ticket to test this paint out on 🙂

DIY Jewelry Box Materials

DIY Jewelry Box

– Wooden Jewelry Box

– FAT  Company Paint (I used Coral Reef & Robyn’s Egg)

– FAT Company Natural Wax

– Paintbrushes

– Two Clean Cloths

– Sanding Block

– Scrapbook Paper

– Mod Podge

– Gold Leaf Pen

Step 1

DIY Jewelry Box

Remove the drawers from your jewelry box and lightly sand each piece with a sanding block. Wipe clean with a cloth to get rid of any grit or wood dust.

Step 2

DIY Jewelry Box

Mix the FAT Paint and begin painting your piece with nice even stroke! The key is to do lighter layers, not glop it on. This paint goes on really smoothly and dries surprisingly fast, so no long waits between coats! I used Coral Reef on the outside of my DIY jewelry box and the Robyn’s Egg on the inside of the drawers for a pop of fun color. Paint 2 coats of color for even coverage.

DIY Jewelry Box

Step 3

DIY Jewelry Box

Once your piece has dried after 2 coats of paint, lightly sand all of your pieces for a nice smooth and buttery texture. This will help the natural wax glide right on!

Step 4

I wanted to add a little bit of extra glamor, so I used a gold leaf pen to add some extra bling to the sides of the drawers, the jewelry box face, and the knobs.

Step 5

DIY Jewelry Box

DIY Jewelry Box


I’ve never used wax before and thought that would be like a super hard bar of wax that I was supposed to rub on my jewelry box – oh, how wrong I was! The wax is actually this really smooth and buttery consistency and is SUPER easy to apply. Simply dip a clean cloth in the wax, and rub it into your piece like lotion. Wait a couple minutes for it to dry and then buff it with a separate clean cloth. That’s it! So simple!

Step 5

To add even a little bit more interest, I found this adorable floral scrapbook paper that coordinates perfectly with the colors of my FAT paint. I traced the sides of the drawers and cut the paper down to size with my paper cutter.

Step 6

DIY Jewelry Box

Using Mod Podge, adhere your scrapbook paper to the sides of each drawer. I put a layer of Mod Podge directly on the wood first, then lay the square of paper on next, followed by another layer of Mod Podge over the paper to seal everything in. Let dry.

DIY Jewelry Box

And that’s it! A pretty DIY jewelry box in no time at all 🙂

DIY Jewelry Box

The FAT paint has such a gloriously smooth consistency, especially after the wax. It’s the perfect amount of matte and just has such a rich depth.

DIY Jewelry Box

DIY Jewelry Box

This would be the perfect jewelry box for any little girl. The floral drawer sides are just too fun and the blue inside the drawers is a fun pop of surprise!

DIY Jewelry Box

You can store earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more in this DIY jewelry box – there’s plenty of room for everything, all while looking stylish and fun 🙂

DIY Jewelry Box

Want to start your own FAT Paint project? Check out The FAT Paint Company’s website to find a retailer near you. Not one in your area? No problem! TFPC is giving $200 CASH away to anyone — yes, anyone! — who helps them make a connection with a new retailer. How cool is that? Here’s more info about their Finder’s Fee program!

Now, before we get to the GIVEAWAY, make sure you take the time to check out all of the other awesome FAT paint projects that my bloggy gal pals completed this month! These are the BEFORE photos – click over to see the afters!


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