Candle Jar Craft: Cotton Ball Holder

As you may or may not know, I am a hoarder of old candle jars. Hubby and I got to Bath and Body Works each time the season changes and we pick out 3 or 4 new scents to burn over the next couple months. It’s one of our favorite dates to go out to happy hour and then go candle-pickin’! Don’t judge. It’s awesome. Anyway, once we burn through all those delicious aromas we are left with lots of waxy candle jars. I hate to see a good piece of glass go to waste, so I remove all the old leftover wax and clean them, using the tutorial here, and then I’m left with fresh clean glasses for good candle jar crafts! I decided to use one of my jars and make a fun and functional cotton ball holder to go in the bathroom!

candle jar craft bathroom storage

Β Follow along with the super easy-peasy tutorial below to make your own πŸ™‚

Candle Jar Craft Cotton Ball Holder Materials

candle jar craft bathroom storage

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Old, cleaned out candle jar

Brass Candlestick (I get mine from the Goodwill for super cheap!)

E-6000 glue

KnobΒ  (optional)

Step 1

candle jar craft bathroom storage

Once your jar is cleaned out and dry, apply a little bit of E-6000 glue to the rim of your candlestick and press it firmly to the bottom of your jar. But some weight on top of the bottom of the candle stick, like a weighty book, to form a really strong and tight bond. Let dry overnight.

Step 2

This step is optional, but if you have pretty know you want to use as a handle for your cotton ball holder, remove the screw and use the E-6000 again to adhere it to the lid from your candle jar. Or you can screw it through the candle jar lid. It’s up to you!

Step 3

Add your cotton balls, pop on the lid and place it in the bathroom in a spot where you can admire it! I like to use round cotton pads instead of cotton balls, so I stuck those in my jar. I find they are better for getting off nail polish and the like!

Here’s my finished bathroom storage cotton ball/pad holder πŸ™‚

candle jar craft bathroom storage

candle jar craft bathroom storage

candle jar craft bathroom storage

candle jar craft bathroom storage

candle jar craft bathroom storage

These little repurposed candle jars would be perfect for containing other bathroom sundries like q-tips, hair ties, bobby pins, and other little doo-dads! I have a couple other jars that I use to hold little nail polish bottles and the effect is quite pretty. I just love being able to reuse candle jars and give them a whole new life as something else!

What other candle jar crafts should I attempt? Any other really clever uses that you’ve seen out in Blogland?





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