Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Hey there, Dwell Beautiful readers! It’s the second Thursday of the month and that means that it’s Silhouette Creator’s Challenge time. Huzzah! Each month a few crafty ladies and I make something awesome with our Silhouette CAMEOS and Portraits. Previous challenges include: Harry Potter t-shirt,  British phone booth art,  Coldplay lyric tote bagcrochet hook storage boxbeach finds treasure bag, pumpkin spice tea towel, a hello fall mason jar vase, a utensils holder, glittery art, some helpful planner clips, and a decorated planter.

This month’s theme is stencils! We challenged ourselves to make anything using a stencil we created on our Silhouette machines. Since wedding season is just around the corner, I decided to make a sweet little Mr. and Mrs. wood slice that you can use either as a cute piece of wall decor or as a coaster or trivet. It’s the perfect little sweet handmade wedding gift – make one or make a bunch! It’s super easy and you can make them in minutes 🙂

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Materials

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

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Step 1

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Open up this sweet Mr. and Mrs. design in your Silhouette Design Studio software. Measure your wood slice with a ruler to see how big you can make your design and then size it in the software accordingly. I had a mini wood slice, so I made my design a little over 2.5 inches tall. Send it through to your Silhouette and have it cut on stencil material! (I didn’t have any stencil material since we are moving and most of my craft stuff is packed up, so I just used some frosted vinyl instead).

Step 2

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Weed your design. Since we are using this as a stencil, I took out the letters, leaving the negative space behind.

Step 3

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Transfer over your design to the wood slice using some transfer tape or contact paper. Don’t forget the little holes from the letters and the ampersand! Press down hard to seal the edges so you can avoid paint seepage!

Step 4

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Using a gold leafing paint pen, carefully fill in the letters, making sure you are cautious around the edges of the letters. Let dry. Then simply peel of the stencil et voila! A beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice that you can either turn into a wall hanger or coaster.

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

Again, since all of my craft studio is packed up, I didn’t have either wall hanger or a clear topcoat, so I just leaned it up against some adorable little faux cacti.

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

I really love the shimmery shinyness of the gold leafing pen, and since it is a paint pen, there are some nice thick edges right where it met the stencil. Definitely looks like something you could buy or sell on Etsy!

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

You could make ones with different sayings like “love”, “just married”, the wedding date, or the couples initials if you were going the coaster route. How cute would a little stack of wood slice coasters be??

I love how easy this stencil project was – it only took me a few minutes tops to get some gorgeous professional results. Ooh la la! 🙂

Stenciled Mr. and Mrs. Wood Slice Wedding Gift

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What’s the best wedding gift you’ve ever given or received?



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