Get the Look for Less: Anthropologie Pieces

If you’re a regular follower of Dwell Beautiful, you know I like to do a series that I call “Get the Look for Less.” It’s a series where at least once a month, I pick a room out of a catalog of a high end store, like Restoration Hardware, Room and Board, Crate and Barrel and more and recreate the look using budget pieces that I find at other stores. Some of my recent favorites have been this Williams-Sonoma Bedroom and this Room and Board Living Room! You can also check out the full category of all of my Get the Look for Less posts here.


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This month, as I was looking for a room to budgetize (if that’s not a word, then it is now!) I came across Anthropologie and some of their new arrivals. I’ve done an Anthropologie Living Room before, but this time I decided to just pick a couple of their new arrival items that went together and also seemed ridiculously expensive and tried to find their counterparts online. The result is some major savings! Take a look at my finds below 🙂

The Rug


The rug. You know which one I’m talking about. Yes, THE rug that everyone seems to own. I don’t know why, but I find myself kind of falling for it, too! Mayhaps it’s the furry, fuzzy, oh-so-soft shag, or maybe it’s the modern yet subtle diamond pattern, but I do know that it is beautiful and that I’d love to have one in my home! Anthropologie wants just about 2k for an 8×10 while Wayfair has one in the same size for a mere fraction of the cost! And if I’m honest, I like the Wayfair one better – I’m more partial to the brighter white because I think it looks cleaner! This rug may or may not be coming home with me in the near future… just saying. Savings: 67%

Trendy Terrarium


I simply ADORE succulents and basically have been sticking them in little pots all over my house – it’s the one plant that I don’t immediately kill! I’ve been looking to add a bigger terrarium for succulents so that the greenery can really shine and when I came across the ones at Anthropologie, I was first elated and then deflated once I saw the price tag. Almost a hundred bucks for glorified planter? I think not. I found a MUCH more affordable option at West Elm that has the same trendy globe shape but with a cheaper price tag. Savings: 70%

Octopus Wall Art


Nautical themes and sea creatures are pretty in right now, especially for summer decor. This blue octopus art from Anthropologie is poppy and fun, but I could never in a million years justify dropping 1,400 bucks on a piece of art that looks like I could make myself. My Etsy find? WAY better if you ask me, both in price and in looks. The Anthro version, while bold and fun, is a little too simplistic and the streaky paint drips bother me. The Etsy version just says sophistication and class while keeping your wallet happy! I’d say that’s a score right there. Savings: 96%

Ring Cone Holders


I’d never heard of ring cones until I found these beauties on Anthropologie, but I must admit, they are a clever and stylish way to hold your rings! And while I think they are clever, paying $40 for a tiny piece of ceramic just doesn’t sound appealing. I looked to Etsy again and found these lovely ceramic ring cones for only $18 each! Muuuuch better. Plus, I love supporting small businesses and individual artists – these crafters and artists put so much love and hard work into each piece. A much better use of my money than supporting a big box store, that’s for sure! Savings: 53%

Wire Baskets


Who could always use more storage? My hand is definitely raised on this one. From blankets to hand towels, to firewood or shoes, I LOVE having baskets around to store all my odds and ends.  You can just never have enough! With the Anthro version, you get a set of 3 for about 140 bucks. They are pretty hues, I’ll give them that, but that’s a chunk of change for some wire! My World Market finds are a bit more cost-effective – they are all sold separately, so you don’t have to get stuck with a color or size you don’t need or want. The small red basket is $29.99, the medium green basket is $39.99, and the big blue basket is $49.99. Added bonus: they have cotton liners that you can use or not use depending on what you store in the baskets! Savings (if you bought all 3): 13%

So as you can see, if you forgo the spendy Anthropologie pieces and instead pick up some of my budget finds, you are going to save yourself a chunk of change! I love the look of nice items, but I love saving money and supporting small businesses just as much! As always, you can always save even MORE money if you opt to try to find look-alikes at thrift stores or garage sales or if you buy 1 piece at a time instead of getting all your new items at once. Happy shopping and happy saving!

What store/room/piece would you like to see me do next? Sound off below!





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