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Happy Hump Day, everyone! How’s it going out there in blogland? I came down with a cold yesterday, so I’ve been feeling pretty crummy. Pretty sure hubby gave it to me!  How rude! The not fair part? When he gets sick, it’s for like, a day. When he gives it to me, my body shuts down completely for a week+! Lame. Hopefully I get better soon! I hear a lot of people have been battling sickness lately – ’tis the season – so I hope all of you lovely friends out there who are fighting germs get better soon too!

I asked you all on Facebook what posts you would like to see more of and my ‘Get the Look for Less’ series came up. So, not to disappoint, I’ve come up with a brand new Look for Less post – this time a Room and Board living room! Here is the original space from the catalog:

room and board

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I really love the warm feel to this room, and all the different colors and textures. Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors and I adore how it makes an apperance in this cozy living space. There’s a Room and Board store in my college town, but I would always pass by because I knew that my poor college student budget could never afford the magic inside. Even as an adult I still can’t afford the magic, but I can come close with budget friendly, look for less finds below!

Cowhide Rug

room and boardWhile a cowhide rug doesn’t personally fit my own style, it works well in this living room set-up by adding warm tones and texture. But $700 is a little ridiculous for a rug that doesn’t cover much area. My solution? An almost exact replica from good ol’ Ikea. How do you guys feel about cowhide? I personally am not a fan, but know some who are!


room and board

The couch is generally one of the more expensive pieces in a room, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend exorbitant amounts to get a good product! While the Room and Board version is nice, I personally like my West Elm find better! I love the tufted backs of the cushions, the crisper gray hue, and the awesome mid-century wooden legs just seal the deal.

Yellow Chair

room and boardPicmonkey is silly, but in reality, these two chairs are very close to the same size! My heart and my wallet can’t bear spending $1,000+ for a single chair, so the price tag on my west elm find makes things a little easier. As I said before, mustard yellow is one of my favorite color trends right now, and this chair really pops! I love the wingback style for some visual interest.

Coffee Table

room and boardI love a unique coffee table and this round looker really fits the bill! Room and Board’s version has a tan top and a black base, but I decided to choose this one with a richer wood top and brushed nickel base. I love the clean lines and textured top and feel that the nickel base ties in rather nicely with the arch lamp! And at 500 bucks, it’s definitely easier on the pocketbook, too.

Black Chair

room and boardA little black chair, like a little black dress, can work wonders. And while this LBC from Room and Board isn’t completely off the charts price-wise, I still knew that I could find a better deal. And that deal came in the form of my beloved Ikea. Ikea to the rescue once again! The budget version has the same flarey lines and MCM legs that just take the cake. There’s even an added head pillow for extra comfort!

Floor Lamp

room and boardThe arching floor lamp is one of the most dramatic pieces in the room and I love the clean and curved line this lamp provides. The chrome finish adds some brightness and glam to the room while providing much needed light. At Room and Board, this floor lamp is the most expensive piece in the room – even more than the couch! I found an almost exact replica at at a fraction of the cost but with the same dramatic flair that makes the original so much fun 🙂

If you were to buy all of the versions from Room and Board, the grand total (before tax!) comes to $9,210. Ouch, ouch, OUCH! That hurts my brain. And my heart. I could think of a lot more ways to spend 10k that would go farther than only 6 pieces of furniture.

However, if you were to buy all of my budget finds, your grand total (again, before tax) would come to only $3704.99! That’s a savings of over 60%! Of course, you can always save even more when you buy secondhand or if you buy pieces individually over time!

room and board

What do you think of this Room and Board Living Room? Love it? Hate it?





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