Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

Fall is nearly upon us! How exciting is that? I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly awaiting it’s chilly and russet-tinged embrace, with be-flanneled arms wide open. In Washington state it’s already turning gray, so I’ve gotten to wear boots (gasp!), scarves (gasp!), leggings (gasp!) and sweaters (gasp!) for the past week or so now. It. Is. Glorious. I was born for fall and gray weather.
Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

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Usually once a month I put out a post in my Get the Look for Less series. This month, I turned to Restoration Hardware Teen (RH Teen)’s fall catalog. I actually find their “teen” line to be more in line with my own style than their “adult” furniture. Isn’t that funny?

While browsing, I found this beautiful bedroom space. Clean, warm whites, a little bit of shimmer, and a whole lotta comfy. Perfect for those cozy autumn days ahead! I love the neutral palette and the fun addition of the horse photograph and the twinkle fairy lights. I could definitely see myself curling up under the covers on a rainy day. Mmm 🙂

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

However, the problem is that my bank account couldn’t afford RH prices, even if it is their teen line. (Also, I wonder how many teenagers actually have a room that looks this good??) But I digress. So I took it upon myself to take a little wander through the interwebz to bring you some awesome RH Teen lookalikes that will keep your wallet happy and your bedroom game on point. Check out my finds below!

Restoration Hardware Teen Bed

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

The focal point of any well-designed bedroom is the bed itself. I love the idea of having a plain four poster canopy bed. You can easily customize it with curtains or string lights or leave it bare for striking visual impact. I love the white-washed look of the RH Teen bed frame, but $2k is a bit steep. I found an almost exact look-alike at PB Teen (I guess teens like their canopy beds?) for about half the price. Sweet dreams!

Restoration Hardware Teen Bedding

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

To make those chilly fall mornings a little cozier, comfy bedding is in order. I like nice, clean looking bedding, and the ivory and gray paisley duvet cover and pillow shams are nice and interesting to look at without being too busy. But over $230 bucks for some fabric isn’t in my budget, no matter how pretty. After some searching I found a similar style bedding at Pottery Barn. They have a duvet and shams that have the same color scheme with a pretty pattern that you’ll love to wrap yourself up in.

Restoration Hardware Teen Rug

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

If you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, a plush rug is a must to keep those tootsies warm when you pop out of bed! A 8×10 is generally a good size to go with in a bedroom. RH Teen’s version is close to $1.4k, which is definitely way more than any sane person should spend on a rug. Rugs USA to the rescue! They have a delightfully fuzzy, cozy rug in the same hue, and the same size, for only $465. Noice.

Restoration Hardware Teen Side Table

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

When it comes to nightstands and bed side tables, I prefer one that has a drawer or too to hide all my crap, but if you have a small space or prefer a more streamlined look, then a pedestal side table might just be for you. RH Teen has a uniquely shaped table that is pretty, but also costs a pretty penny. So I found a table at Wayfair that has the same weathered metal look and a similar shape for a fraction of the price. The top even has a lip so your belongings won’t go rolling off the top. Score.

Restoration Hardware Teen Pouf

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

Poufs are one of my favorite trends that has popped up over the past couple of years. Part table, stool, footrest, and more, Moroccan poufs are truly versatile and a great addition to any room. RH Teen has a nice white leather one, but with a price tag that’s close to $500 bucks, I have to just say no. I found an EXACT REPLICA on Overstock for a much better price. Poufs for everyone!

Restoration Hardware Teen Fairy Lights

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to have a whimsical romantic feel, fairy lights are a great addition. These mini lights run for hours on battery power or by outlet and they give off the most amazing glow. 2o feet is a good amount to string up around your room or drape over your canopy bed, as seen in the catalog photo. RH Teen wants $30 for a strand, while Amazon has a strand for $12.99. Much more affordable.

Restoration Hardware Teen Horse Art

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

One of the things I loved most about this bedroom space was the horse photograph. It’s so unique and a little unexpected, yet it fits right in and provides an interesting focal point above the bed. Art is definitely worth the money, but even so, RH Teen’s version for $650+ is a little steep. I found a comparable piece at West Elm for a fraction of the price. And if I’m honest? I like the look of it better!

Restoration Hardware Teen Hanging Chair

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

What person wouldn’t want an awesome hanging chair in their bedroom? Perfect for chilling with a magazine or a cup of cocoa on a rainy afternoon. Plus, who doesn’t want more fun in their lives? RH Teen’s wicker version is a little on the expensive side, so I found a more affordable version at Serena & Lily. Fun, here we come!

Restoration Hardware Teen Pendant Light

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Teen Bedroom

Bedroom lighting is important – you want enough light to read by, but not too much that it’s overwhelming bright or in your face. Bonus points if your light fixture is stylish! I love the capiz shell chandelier from RH Teen, but half of $1k for one fixture makes me a little cringey. So I found another shell chandelier at West Elm for $159. A pretty price for a pretty fixture.

Now it’s time to add it up!

If you were to buy all of RH Teen’s pieces new, your grand total (before tax, I might add) would be….. *drum roll, please*…… $6,411.00. Ouchie. That’s a lot of moolah. Not really a fan of throwing all of my hard-earned money out the window when I know I can save it instead. Now, if you were to buy all of my lookalike finds at once, your grand total, before tax, would be $2,743.97. Say whaaaaattt. That’s a savings of 57%!

Remember, you can always save even more dolla dolla bills if you buy pieces over time (instead of all at once) or if you look for lookalikes at thrift stores or estate sales. If you’re really patient, you can even wait to see if a local big box or department store has a sale, thus saving you even more. Happy shopping!

What’s your favorite part of this space?


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