Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Look Alikes

Summer is already getting close to ending and the school year is just around the corner, if it hasn’t already started in your area. What?! Where did the summer go? I’m not sure if I’m ready to be done yet! But then I took a deep breath, stopped hyperventilating, and thought about the coziness of fall and all the comforting joy that brings… and breaaathhheee. Phew. Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. So I decided I could start perusing the Crate & Barrel early fall catalog and not commit any egregious sins. What I found was an adorable little fall vignette that conjured visions of sweaters and hot cider and boots and crisp fall leaves. And I’ll admit it, it was a little bit magical.

Get the Look for Less: Crate & Barrel Vignette

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But then, alas, I started taking a closer look at the price tags of these delicious fall furniture items and I realize that they were a bit out of my budget. *cue the tears* However, all is not lost! I managed to find some AWESOME Crate and Barrel look alike pieces of furniture so not only could I get the same look, but get it for LESS. Win-win.

To set the mood, here’s the magazine spread I found in their early fall catalog:

Get the Look for Less: Crate & Barrel Vignette

The warm wood tones, the rustic tree stump end table, the fluffy sheep pillow for cold fall nights. Ahhh. Yep. Love it all. All of these pieces could very easily be put into a dining room for a great neutral, rustic, modern eat-in space. I know I’d love to dine here!

So let’s take a look at my copycat pieces and see just how much money we can save, shall we?

Crate and Barrel Sideboard Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

I really love the warm and rustic industrial look of the Crate and Barrel sideboard. It’s a great fit for modern and traditional homes alike and is perfect for storing extra dishes, table linens and seasonal decor items. However, the price is a bit steep. I was able to find a very similar look alike at Wayfair that has more storage space, but the same great modern rustic industrial look for about half the price.

Crate and Barrel Dining Chair Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

These dining chairs from Crate and Barrel are great for families as they can take a beating, and wipe clean easily. The modern metal legs and lightweight chair mold make it easy to move around and coordinates with lots of decor styles. But $80 a chair can add up quickly, especially if you need a lot of them. Overstock has a great selection of dining chairs, including an almost exact copycat of the C&B chair, except that you get TWO in a set, which breaks down to about $50 each. Much better!

Crate and Barrel Dining Table Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

Finding a dining table with a white top and wood legs like the one from Crate and Barrel was actually much harder than you think it would be. There are tons of tables with wood tops and white legs, but not so much in the reverse. I did manage to find one from Wayfair that just about fits the bill. The wood tone is a little lighter, but it features a fun curved inner angle for additional visual interest.

Crate and Barrel Pillow Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

Fall absolutely calls for mountains upon mountains of fluffy, cozy pillows. I love the fuzzy sheepskin throw pillow from Crate and Barrel, but almost 100 buckaroos for one pillow is a bit much for my wallet. I very easily found the exact same sheepy pillow over at Wayfair and the awesome thing is that you get 2 in a set, which works out to $34.50 a pillow. Much more reasonable, don’t you think?

Crate and Barrel Tree Stump Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

Tree stump end tables are all the rage these days, and I admit it, I really like the trend! It brings a little bit of the outside world in, lends a soft natural vibe to your space, and looks great! If you have the time and patience, you can actually make your own, though it involves a lot of drying/curing time in addition to sanding and sealing. If you don’t want to DIY it or pay the Crate and Barrel price, I’ve saved you a few bucks by finding a close match at Wayfair.

Crate and Barrel Vase Look Alike

Get the Look for Less: Crate and Barrel Vignette

Every space needs a great vase for holding fresh clippings and beautiful bouquets. By picking a neutral vase like the one from Crate and Barrel, you can let your flowers really shine on their own. But $60 is a little steep, so I decided to hunt for a better deal. The answer was found at West Elm, where I found a collection of sweet little vases that mimic the intricate design and rustic paint job of the original. All the vases are priced separately anywhere between $14 and $44, so you can get the size and price that’s right for you.

Now, let’s add it up. If you were to buy all of the Crate and Barrel originals, at one time, at full price, your total would be $4,236.85Before tax. That’s quite the pretty penny, my friends. And that doesn’t even take into account buying more than one dining chair. If you decided to buy 4 dining chairs your total would be up to $4,476.67 and if you wanted 6 chairs you would be sitting at $4,636.60. Nope. No thanks.

However, if you were to purchase my look alike copycat versions, your grand total would be $2,669.96 before tax. That almost half the price of the Crate and Barrel versions. Now, because some of my finds come in sets of two, you actually stand to save even more money if you buy more sets. Need 4 dining chairs? You only need to buy 2 sets of chairs instead of 4 separate ones, bringing your total to $2,771.95. Need 6 chairs instead? Only $2,873.94 for your total. Not too shabby!

And remember, you can always save even MORE money by purchasing pieces slowly over time, by scouring Craigslist, garage sales, or estate sales, DIYing your own, or waiting until a big box store has a sale. You don’t have to sacrifice style to save on cash – you really can have both!


What’s your favorite look alike in this post?



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