Get the Look for Less: Williams-Sonoma Bedroom

Good morning friends and happy Tuesday! Did you all have a good weekend and watch the big game? I’m a bit bummed that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, but as always, life goes on and there are more important things!

It’s been a while since I did one of my get the look for less posts, so today I’m bringing you a Williams-Sonoma bedroom and how you can get look-alikes for all the pieces in the room for a fraction of the price! Nice, right? Here’s the bedroom as shown in the W-S catalog:

williams-sonoma bedroom

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I really love the black/white/gray color scheme with gold accents. I’m all about the classy-ness and flexibility of black and white and this room definitely screams classy! It seems like a cozy and sophisticated room that works well as a personal retreat and sanctuary. Let’s get started with finding those comparable look-alikes!

Williams-Sonoma Bedframe

williams-sonoma bedroom

A stylish bedframe is a great way to anchor a room and provide a beautiful focal point. What style of bedframe you choose can determine what the theme of your room is – fabric is more traditional, while metal or wood can be more industrial or modern. I love the modern yet traditional tufted look of the gray bedframe from Williams-Sonoma, but at almost $2,500 before tax is a little steep for most people’s budgets. I found an almost exact replica from for a little over $450 bucks – Not bad!

Williams-Sonoma Bed Linens

williams-sonoma bedroomNice bed linens are crucial to a good night’s sleep and a clean and stylish looking bed! The bedsheets from Williams-Sonoma feature a fancy gold/brown Greek key pattern for an elegant touch. However, if you go the W-S route, you are going to have to buy every single item individually – pillowcases, shams, duvet cover, the works. All told you end up at almost $1,000 – for sheets!? No way, Jose. I found some beautiful Greek key bed linens at for around $70 bucks that includes the duvet cover, shams and pillow cases. Everything you need for the price of one – I like it!

Williams-Sonoma Rug

williams-sonoma bedroom

Rugs are a great feature to have in a bedroom – they keep your tootsies warm on cold mornings and are fantastic for anchoring your bed or other groupings of furniture. Plus they come in all sorts of awesome patterns, colors, and styles, so you can almost always find something that fits your decor! I’m all about finding a bargain, so to replace the $2,200 William-Sonoma rug, I found a beautiful one with a similar color and pattern at Rugs USA for a fraction of the price. I love Rugs USA for all my carpet needs – they just have so many styles and there are usually lots of great sales!

Williams-Sonoma Accent Chair

williams-sonoma bedroomOne thing I’ve really come to appreciate having in a bedroom is a nice accent chair. Having a good accent chair in the bedroom makes for a great spot to put on shoes or accessories in the morning as well as provides a fab spot to relax after a long day. Williams-Sonoma has a fun gold Greek key chair that mirrors the bed linens, but at almost $1,500, I could never justify the price. Since W-S version has such a unique look, it was hard to find an exact match, but this bamboo Chippendale chair from National Furniture Supply has a similar beautiful gold finish and fun geometric lines for an interesting focal piece.

Williams-Sonoma Lamps

williams-sonoma bedroom

Beautiful lighting can really bump up the wow-factor when it comes to your bedroom, though often times lighting doesn’t really get focused on or it’s time in the spotlight (do you see what I did there? 😉 ). These gold swing-arm lamps are absolutely swoon-worthy! I love gold with a fiery passion and the conical metal shade combined with the straight and clean swing arm just makes for a beautiful combo for somewhere that lies between modern and traditional. Lighting is going to be expensive almost anywhere you look, but I did manage to knock $130 bucks off the price with my find at Lighting Direct.

Williams-Sonoma Gold Rhino

williams-sonoma bedroomIs it weird if I say that this little gold rhino is one of my absolute favorite parts of this whole room?? I absolutely love the character that little accent pieces can give a room, especially when a.) they are animals and b.) when they are gold! A win-win in my book. But I would never in a million years pay almost $200 for a little figurine – that’s just crazy! I found a much more budget-friendly Dwell Studio version at for $38. Plus Domino also has other gold animal figures in the collection – like an elephant, zebra, giraffe, and gazelle so that you can have a whole menagerie! Scorreeee.

williams-sonoma bedroom

{See? I told you!}

Williams-Sonoma Geometric Art

williams-sonoma bedroomArtwork is a great finishing touch to any space – it really brings the room together and makes it feel complete. I’m totally in love with these geometric line prints from Williams-Sonoma, but for over $500 for a set of 2 makes my wallet cry. A great option is to either check for a similar print that you can purchase, or for a really budget-friendly version you can just design your own (in Photoshop or even Paint!) or you can google what you are looking for and print it for free and put it in any frame you have lying around. But if you do decide to google, please make sure that you are allowed to print/use the image for free – look for Creative Commons photos! Artists work hard and deserve to be paid for their work – if you find artwork you like that isn’t free to use, please pay for it!

The Totals:

Now that we’ve explored all the look-alikes for this Williams-Sonoma bedroom, it’s time to calculate what the total costs would be! If you bought everything brand new from Williams-Sonoma, the grand total would be $8,711.00 and that’s before tax! Ouch! That’s definitely a huge chunk of cash, and not one I’d be willing to spend!

Now, if you were to purchase all of my look-alike versions, your grand total would come out to – *drum roll, please* – only $2,400.75! That’s a savings of 72.4%! Wowza!

And remember, you can save even MORE if you buy from places like Goodwill or Craigslist and if you buy pieces slowly over time instead of all at once. You don’t have to pay the big bucks to have a high-end bedroom!

williams-sonoma bedroom

What store or room do you want me to do for ‘Get the Look for Less’ next?




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