Get the Look for Less: Anthropologie Living Room

anthropologie living room

Hey everyone – it’s finally Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? I’ll be working a wedding tonight with Barrie Anne Photography, a wedding tomorrow with Days Photography and then working at the library on Sunday. I’m going to be tired, y’all!

Today I’m bringing you a Get the Look for Less post – I haven’t done one of those in a while! Originally I had found an awesome Anthropologie living room photo from one of their lookbooks, but apparently I didn’t save the room photo and now I can’t find it? I did manage to remember to save each of the pieces featured in the room, all of which are awesome, but expensive. Usually I like to find the same pieces for less at other stores such as Target, West Elm, Pier 1, etc. but today I thought I would make the “for less” pieces be DIY tutorials whenever possible. A lot of bloggers are doing Anthropologie hacks (including me – with my watercolor art and sharpie art!) and you get so much fulfillment and a feeling of accomplishment when you make something yourself!

A couch isn’t really something one can DIY, at least not without a lotttt of knowledge, time, effort and materials. I love blue velour – when done right it can be classy and not tacky. The original at Anthropologie is $1,998.00 before tax but I found a similar sophisticated piece at Urban Outfitters for only $749.00.

Bar carts are SO in right now (I still need to find/make a good one! Ah!) and I really really do love the one from Anthropologie, but with a $498.00 price tag, I could never in a million years justify it. I found a great tutorial from Sugar & Charm for making and styling your own bar cart for a fraction of the price!

Why pay $398.00 for a piece of wood that you could find in nature and paint yourself?? So absurd! No way, jose, Anthropologie. I’m not falling for your tricks! Martha Stewart gives a great tutorial on how to sand down and paint wood stumps that you can either find outdoors or get from someone off Craigslist. Now that’s better ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, curtains are another thing that can be difficult to DIY, depending on how intricate the pattern is. Considering that Anthropologie’s $88.00 curtains are pretty complicated, I found a similar pattern at Ikea for only $14.00 a panel!

Sailor’s mirrors are a super cute trend that is making it’s way into home decor. But for something as simple as a circular piece of glass and some rope, $58.00 – $98.00 is a little steep. View from the Fridge made these awesome knock offs that copy the Anthropologie version for a fraction of the price!

This rhino head is totally adorable and is fun for some quirky and unique decor. However, making something out of paper mache, as Lil Blue Boo did, costs wayyyy less and is something you can be proud to hang on your wall!

I lurrrrveee this pom pom trim pillow from Anthro, but I absolutely know that it is so much easier to just make your own on this one. Save $58.00 and craft a knock off by getting cheap pom pom trim and following along with The Inspired Room’s tutorial!

Vases are something that you can either buy or make, depending on how unique it is. There are TONS of tutorials out there for using sharpies and oil pens on glass or using spray paint and etching cream like Something Turquoise did to get the desired effect. A dollar store vase, some tape, and some paint, and you can have your very own sweet piece that doesn’t cost $28.00.

Which DIY tutorial above seems most doable? Is there an item from Anthropologie that you would love to see as a knock off?






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