Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – it’s time for another installment of my Get the Look for Less series! In case you’re new to the blog, once a month I usually post about a room from a high end designer catalog and then do my best to recreate it using budget-friendly look-alike pieces! You can check out the full series HERE for all the neat room re-creations. This month I’m taking look at a beautifully modern boho bedroom from Room & Board.

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

There is so much I love about this bedroom. Like seriously, so much. The bright geometric boho patterned rug, the comfy striped bedding,ย the beautiful abstract art, the natural woven planter, and all of that beautiful cool-toned wood furniture. Can I just curl up in that bed? Okay pls thx bai. You can see the full spread in their online catalog HERE.

However, as much as I think Room & Board furniture is swoon-worthy, I just can’t afford the prices. So I decided to see what kind of look-alike pieces I could find to get the same vibe, but without spending all the dough. Take a look below and let me know if I hit the mark!

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Room & Board Bed Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

To me the most important thing to get right about the bed is the tone of the wood. The Room & Board bed frame is a beautiful cool mid-tone stained ash that’s just warm enough to be cozy but neutral enough to go with all sorts of beddings and styles. However, the price is just a litttttllee bit over budget. So I found a look-alike with that same delicious woodtone at Wayfair for a fraction of the cost. I even like the cool cutout detailing at the top – I feel like it goes with the boho vibe quite well!

Room & Board Bedding Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

Is it wrong to be in love with bedding? Because I totally am. Room & Board has an amazing striped wool blanket and matching shams that are so cozy-looking and nap-inviting. But I can’t justify spending almost 500 bucks for only 3 items. Finding a wool blanket at a reasonable price is really difficult, so I decided to search for something gray and stripey that would fit the modern boho vibe – I was successful by finding a bedding set at Urban Outfitters that fits the bill (and aren’t those tassely pillowcases just too cute??)!

Room & Board Nightstand Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

Since the furniture in the Room & Board ad is a matching set, the nightstand is the perfect match to the bed frame. So when choosing my look-alikes, I made sure to choose a bed frame that also had a matching nightstand and dresser so that the wood tones would be juuusstt right. The R&B nightstand is a bit pricey, so I found one less than half the cost at Wayfair.

Room & Board Lamp Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

When you have pieces in a room with a lot of visual interest, like a heavily patterned and bright rug, bold artwork, and an exotic plant, sometimes it’s good to go a little more simple when it comes to the lighting. The Room & Board lamp is just that – simple, sweet, and totally functional. However, the price is none of those things. So I found a lamp at West Elm that has a similar shade shape, size, and gold accents that works just as well for less than 1/3 of the cost.

Room & Board Artwork Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

Artwork can make or break a room. If it’s too overwhelming, not big enough, or not the right colors, it can totally through off the balance of a space. The Room & Board catalog spread got it just right with a beautiful abstract print that picks up some of the coloring in the rug. However, the price tag might be a bit high for people on a budget. So I found a similarly designed piece of art at Minted. It has similar colors, the same abstract feel, and similar shapes and lines. You can get it unframed for $146 and buy your own frame – voila! Instant beautiful artwork.

Room & Board Dresser Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

Completing the line of furniture is the dresser – you have to have a place to store all your clothes in a bedroom! The Room & Board dresser features a cool side cabinet and some shorter drawers. However, $1600 smackeroos is too much cash to part with in one blow. So I found a dresser from Wayfair that is part of the same collection as the bed frame and the dresser. The wood tone color is just right and you get deeper drawers for even more storage.

Room & Board Planter Basket Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of loving that natural woven planter look right now. It’s so effortless and textured and neutral. Perfection. Just slip one of these babies over a ceramic planter pot and voila! Instant class. Room & Board’s version is a teeny bit pricey at $65 for one, so I found some awesome woven baskets from Wayfair where you can get two for the price of one! More pretty plants is never a bad thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus I love the handles for easy moving and the metal lip to ensure sturdiness.

Room & Board Rug Look-Alike

Get the Look for Less: Room & Board Bedroom

The rug was one of the hardest pieces in this room to match. The unique and beautiful woven pink and dark brown/black design of the R&B rug is just so unique and intriguing. So I looked for a rug that had similar colors and a similar pattern/vibe. I found a rug that works quite well at World Market. Similar pinky/coral-y colors and an aztec/geometric design. Plus aren’t those tassels adorable?

If you were to buy all of Room & Board’s original, full-priced versions, your grand total would be $5,657.00 before tax. Not too shabby, but not as great as it could be. Now, if you were to buy all of my look-alike versions, your grand total would only be $1,914.17 before tax. That’s a savings of 66%!

Remember, you can always save evenย more money be waiting for sales, finding items at garage sales or on Craigslist, or by buying pieces slowly over time all at once. Happy decorating!

What do you love most about this bedroom?




  • Emmerey Rose says:

    Thanks for sharing Erica! Saves a ton of money! Where do you shop for home decor most often? do you shop more online?

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Emmerey! For buying furniture and decor, it depends. I actually do a lot of ordering online for furniture, usually from Wayfair or Overstock and have never been disappointed. For decor items I usually like to be in-store at like a Target or HomeGoods. And I can never resist an in-person trip to Ikea! haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

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