Modern Bohemian Living Room Mood Board

If I love anything, it’s a good mood board. I love scheming and dreaming up what a space could look like, picking all the perfect furniture and accessories as if I had an unlimited budget, and figuring out how I could configure it in the space I have. The hard part? Having to narrow down my style! There are just so many design elements and styles that I adore, but I’ve been working hard at trying to be cohesive in my design work when it comes to my own home. You want your house to look collected and have a flow – not be a jumbled hodgepodge of different styles!

Our next big room makeover on our to-do list is our living room. We just about finished our kitchen makeover (mood board here) and the reveal is to come soon! We are so so excited to finally have that off our plate so we can move onto other projects, like said living room. My design style these days is a mix between Scandinavian modern for big things like furniture for a classic look and colorful bohemian for accessories and styling. I like being playful but not too in your face!

Here’s how our living room looks now, more or less:

house tour cottage living room

The piano is since gone and we have a few more things on the walls (and we tiled the fireplace) but other than that it’s pretty much the same. Functional (that couch is perfect for hosting our raucous football parties!) and fine, but not much going on in the style department.

So while dreaming and scheming for what this space could potentially look like, I came up with this beautiful modern bohemian living room mood board.

modern bohemian living room mood board

I just adore the modern clean lines of the furniture and all of the playful and colorful accents and accessories. We are planning on installing a white-washed brick facade feature wall which will provide some really cool texture and visual interest. The acrylic coffee table, gold pouf, and eye-catching artwork keep things fresh and from feeling too serious. To me, this is just the perfect combo and I feel like I could spend all day in a room like this?

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Acrylic Coffee Table

Gold Side Table


TV Console

Gold Pouf

Sheepskin Rug

Ocean Artwork

Succulent Plant Artwork

Abstract Artwork

Love You Always Artwork

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modern bohemian living room mood board

I can’t wait to transform our living room into something that better reflects our style, whether it’s this house or the next one (because I doubt our big ginormous couch is going anywhere anytime soon! 🙂 ). If you’d love a custom mood board or help designing a space of your own, just let me know!

What’s your favorite aspect of this living room mood board?





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