Guest Room Progress Update

Hey friends! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted (my last post was an awesome source list for my daughter’s nursery) – but now I’m back with a guest room progress update! If you remember a while back I put up a guest room style board with my plans for renovating our basement guest space. Well, we’ve made a little bit of progress (I count any progress with a baby to be awesome work lol) so I wanted to give you and update on how it’s looking. Even though it’s not finished it’s already looking LOADS better!

Just for a refresher, here is what the room looked like when we moved in:

New House Tour Befores

And then this is what the room has looked like for the last year:

Cozy Boho Farmhouse Style Board

Now, that was fine and dandy, but it was a mish-mash of odds and ends and totally not what I wanted for my guests! Here’s that mood/style board for my dream vision:

Cozy Boho Farmhouse Guest Room Style Board

All new furniture (minus the bed), new rug, artwork and wall hangings, and accent details. So far we’ve made progress in the furniture and decor portion! Check it out below:


We got the new rug put in (which ended up being more tan/jute color vs. the cream that the website showed – but I still like it), new bedding, new nightstands, and my absolute favorite thing in here – the tapestry from (aff link) My Macramania on Etsy!

The bed now looks way more inviting wth the boho tasseled bedding and clean white sheets. The throw pillow is an old style from Ikea.


On the other side of the room we mounted a TV with Google Chromecast, set up a little console table, a chair, and a basket with extra pillows.


The new nightstands are so great and fit perfectly in the space! I love that there is room to display books but also a drawer to hide less pretty stuff out of sight.


It’s looking loads better, but there is still a lot I want to do/add! Since the ceilings are so high we definitely need to fill the walls to make it look less blank and empty. First off the window definitely needs curtains to frame the space and provide some added privacy. There are already blinds, but curtains would add a nice finishing touch. Looking for a cool boho gold curtain rod, so if any of you have any ideas or sources hit me up!


Now, the biggest project we need to do is the board and batten wall behind the bed. My messy MSpaint-rendering doesn’t really do the idea justice, but it gives you a little bit of a sense of what we will be going for. It’s just really hard to get big DIY projects done when you have a little one that doesn’t nap! Also we realized we don’t have the proper saw to rip the MDF boards down to planks and apparently Lowes won’t do that for us. Rude. So we are going to have to find someone with the right saw before we can even get started! On this wall I also want to add two sconces for lighting so that there is more room on the nightstands for guest amenities.


The wall with the TV and the one next to it are the biggest, blankest walls in the space. It feels so empty when I look at these walls! So the plan is to get a couple large scale pieces for next to the window (see style board for art) and then add some woven wall hangings to either side of the TV. Or perhaps other art pieces. I’m not sure yet!


I also want to add a little coffee bar (that blue thing on the console is supposed to be a Keurig and the black and white thing is a mug rack lol) so that our friends and family can make their morning coffee right from the comfort of their own room in the morning. There is also another fairly sizeable blank wall right next to the door that I plan on putting a large mirror on so guests have a place to check out their outfits as they get ready in the morning.


So as you can see, our guest room progress has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go before I’m fully happy with this space! We’ve already had some friends and family stay in it as it is now and they are loving the updates, but I just can’t wait until my vision is fully complete. Stay tuned for the full reveal coming (hopefully) sometime soon!

How long do you think it will take me to finish this room? 😀




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