Super Easy Planner Stickers

Life is so ridiculously busy these days. I mean, amIright? Days are filled with trying to tick off all the to-do’s on our checklist, running errands, and scrambling to get all of our work done. It’s a never ending cycle that can drive anyone batty if you aren’t organized. While I think we should strive to be less busy in our lives, it’ll make our lives a whole lot easier if we are better able to manage all that we do have to do.

Enter planner stickers. I know it’s not the most glamorous or profound solution, but I’ve definitely found myself more likely to get more done when I’ve got pretty organization helpers!

super easy diy planner stickers

I made these planner stickers in a snap using some white sticker paper and my Silhouette CAMEO. It was a lot of fun and way cheaper than buying a bunch of stickers from the store. Check out my full tutorial HERE!

This will also be my last post for Silhouette America. It’s pretty bittersweet – I’ve had SO much fun with the Creative Team and it’s been an amazing learning and growing opportunity. But in the interest of being less stressed and less busy (see above) I thought it was time to step down so I can work on bringing more quality posts to this blog and so I can be more efficient at my other day jobs. Thanks so much for following along on my Silhouette journey and if you love these kinds of posts, never fear – I’ll be doing at least one a month with my new Monthly Silhouette Challenge group!

How are you trying to become less busy in your life?




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