Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Style Board

Since entering the third trimester, the nesting instinct has kicked in hardcore. This now means I want to clean all the things, organize all the things, and renovate all the things! I have SO many ideas on what I want to do to our new house, but of course there isn’t enough time to do it all before baby gets here, and even if there were more time, I definitely don’t have the energy to do it! But a girl can dream. I figured one space we might be able to tackle before baby girl makes her grand entrance is our tiny main floor powder room, which currently looks like the pictures below, into a modern farmhouse bathroom.

A nice small space – a blank canvas just waiting to be customized! I figured that since it’s a small enough space and since most of the work I want to do is just switching out fixtures and stuff, that it just *might* be possible to get it done over the next several weeks. Here’s my modern farmhouse bathroom style board for making over this little space:

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Style Board

Dreamy, huh? The other ‘big’ part of this renovation would be the half wall of shiplap. I want it to start from the floor and come up to just under neath the mirror and window. To give the powder room a pop of color, I decided on the gray green color of Behr’s Mossy Bench to paint the shiplap, and then I’ll be leaving above the shiplap just plain white so things don’t get too overwhelming in that tiny room.

We will be keeping the toilet and sink we have, since we are also on a budget, and will update instead by switching out the faucet, accessory fixtures, vanity light, and mirror. Other than that it’s just adding art and decor!

If you want to get the look in your own home, you can check out the products I’m planning on using by either clicking the pictures or links below 🙂

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TP Holder // Towel Ring // Seattle Art // Faucet // Shiplap // Rug // Sink // Storage Table // Vanity Light // Mirror // Toilet // Paint // Turkish Towel // Magazine Rack

Even if we don’t get this project done before baby girl gets here, making over powder room into a modern farmhouse bathroom will still be on the list to get done while we are living here. Until then I’ll just stare at this mood board and dream away….

Is shiplap still in or is it overdone??



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