Cozy Boho Farmhouse Guest Room Style Board

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here (the last post being our super cute cactus and llama-themed nursery for our daughter) because taking care of an infant is no joke! Our baby girl is now my full-time job, which I absolutely love, but I still want to make sure I get on here from time to time to update you with what’s going on in our house! Our next big project on the docket is giving the guest room a revamp. We are going to have lots of various guest staying with us this summer and right now it’s just sort of sad. So I came up with a boho farmhouse guest room style board that will be the template for the makeover for the space. Read on to see what the space looks like now as well as the plan for it!

Right, so this is what the space looked like when we moved in; it was used as an office space by the previous owners, thus the random shelves:

New House Tour Befores

And this is what it looks like currently, with random leftover furniture, bedding, art, and decor pieces:

Cozy Boho Farmhouse Style Board

It’s fiiiineee, I guess. It’s functional, and we’ve already had multiple people stay there! But it’s bare and there’s only one nightstand, etc. We wanted to make it more homey and cozy since we are planning on hosting a lot more people in the years to come! So here’s the plan for a super cozy boho farmhouse guest room:

Cozy Boho Farmhouse Guest Room Style Board

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So welcoming, right?? I decided to keep the bed frame and then I already have the wall sconces, but everything else will be new. I wanted to start off with a board and batten feature wall painted a really calming sagey green color. A multi-dimensional feature wall like this will really make the space feel designer and luxe.

I’m mixing boho and modern farmhouse for the perfect combo of welcoming and charming. The nightstands and console are darker wood than I would normally choose, but I really think they warm this space up and ground the room considering the lightness of the metal bed frame and other elements.

To keep the good vibes going, I chose a cozy boho fringed rug, a large-scale macrame wall piece (that is super affordable btw!) to go over the bed, some woven baskets, and some desert-y art prints. Lastly, I made sure to bump the amenities by including a single-serve Keurig and mug tree, as long as a framed sign displaying the wi-fi password. We also plan on putting a Chromecast on the TV in there so that guests can cast their own Netflix accounts. Now that’s hospitality, if I do say so myself 😉

If you’re interested in recreating this look for yourself, you can check out all of the items by clicking on any of the widget pictures below or the links underneath the boho farmhosue guest room style board image above. Happy shopping!

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Cozy Boho Farmhouse Guest Room

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