Hot Color Trend: Mustard Yellow

Good afternoon and good evening to my south and east coast readers! I’m writing you today from my back porch and it man, it feels goo-ooo-ooood to be sitting in the warm air and sun. In Washington state, it only gets nice officially after July 4th. So bring on that good weather, PNW! All of this sunny weather reminds me of one of my fave colors: mustard yellow.

mustard yellow

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Mustard yellow has really picked up in popularity the last couple years and you can find it in clothing, nail polish, furniture, home accents, and of course, in your local condiment aisle. I’ve rounded up some gorgeous inspiration photos and have some tips on how to bring a sassy side of mustard into your home decor.

Mustard Yellow Furniture

A great way to bring mustard yellow into your home is through furniture. If you really love the color, think about adding a fun focus piece like kitchen chairs or a sofa.  These kinds of pieces look best when they are the main source of mustard in the room and featured against more neutral colors like grays, blacks, whites, and navys. If you don’t want to spend big bucks or are worried about committing to having yellow side tables for the rest of your life, opt to refinish a piece you get from the thrift store or garage sale with a coat of paint – minimal investment, and you can change it or trash it if you decide you don’t like it!

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Mustard Yellow Doors, Walls, and Appliances

For those of you who are even more bold and really want mustard as a stand out color in your home, consider painting entire walls or rooms to give off a cheery yet sophisticated vibe. If you want to get really intense, try getting mustard yellow appliances, tile or cabinets in your home. I love the way these look, but I would only recommend doing  one of those options if you will be in your house for a long time or you really love it – though mustard is a hot color right now, it’s not everyone’s favorite and may hurt resale value if you are thinking about selling soon.

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Mustard Yellow Home Decor Accents

Bringing mustard yellow home decor accents in your home is one of the best ways to bring the bright and cheery color into your home without over committing or going to wild. I love little hints of yellow in a room that is primarily gray and white – it just brings a certain little pop that is just right. Add yellow bedding or pillows to make your bedroom feel energized and playful or use mustard yellow bowl to hold fruit on the counter. Same as with the bigger mustard yellow pieces – you only want a few! Having a select number of accents in this color really bumps up the impact without giving off the impression that you live in a dandelion. Try an accent pillow or some yellow flowers for a start if you’re unsure! Guaranteed your home will be feeling and looking brighter and more sophisticated in no time!

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Do you love mustard yellow? Do you think it will stick around as a hot color?





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