DIY Valentine’s Day Stamp

Hey friends, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? Are you a fan or does it make you want to barf? Personally, I don’t mind it. Hubby and I don’t go overboard – usually just make dinner for ourselves or go to a comedy show! And I’m not gonna lie, I looove all the candy around this holiday! I’m probably one of the few people who loves those chalky conversation hearts – they’re so good! And I’m totally sad that they no longer put the white minty ones in the box. *tears*. But I digress. Valentine’s Day is also when your kids need to bring valentines for the whole class. Those little paper ones with superheros and Barbies on them can get SUPER expensive! Why not make your own in minutes, plus be left with an awesome stamp that you can use for years to come?

Check out my post at Silhouette America HERE to see how I made my stamp and how to style your valentines!

valentine's day stamp

Is Valentine’s Day fun or icky?


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