Hello Door Decal

You guys, I’m over at Silhouette again today – I know, I know, that’s TWICE in one week! But I just have too many great projects to share and I can’t wait for you to read up about this one! You may or may not have seen those little decals you put on your front door circulating around the internet. Apparently they are becoming quite a thing! So I decided to whip up my own hello door decal in a curvy fun font and stick it right on my front door. The result is just so cheeky and bold! I’m going to say it: I’m a big fan. Learn how I made mine in a quick jiffy and peruse all the other great projects on Silhouette America’s blog by clicking HERE! As always, than you SO much for the support and love and send me a pic if you decided to pop one of these babies on your front door! Boost that curb appeal 🙂

hello door decal

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