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Hi friends! I’m super excited to bring you today’s post because a while back I was contacted by, which is an awesome and super affordable party supply website. They asked if I could use some of their products in the crafts I make, and of course the answer was yes! I knew I wanted to make a thankful banner for the Thanksgiving season, so I wanted to find a good base to start with. Enter PartyPail’s set of 8 gold glitter coasters:

thankful bannerThey had me at ‘gold’ and ‘glitter!’ (You know me). I thought they would be just the ticket for the base for my banner since they are one of my favorite colors and materials and since there are 8 letters in the word ‘thankful,’ I knew it would be perfect. It was simply meant to be. Seriously! They arrived in super quick and in cute packaging. The coasters are made out of sturdy cardboard with a deliciously glittery top surface. (I might have squealed when I opened them!)

These would definitely work as fab coasters for your next shindig, but I knew that they could be so much more than that! Here is what I started with to get my thankful banner off the ground:

thankful banner

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Thankful Banner Materials:

set of gold glitter coasters from

scrapbook paper




mini clothespins

ribbon (not pictured)

– circular item for tracing (not pictured)

Step 1

thankful banner

I took a roll of tape that was slightly smaller than the size of the coasters and traced the inner ring of it onto some gold scrapbook paper I had lying about. I was able to fit two circles per page:

thankful banner


Step 2

thankful banner

Carefully cut out your circles using your scissors. It’s hard to tell by the photos, but this paper has a lovely gold metallic shimmer to them! Bummer it isn’t captured well via camera, but trust me, it’s quite pretty in real life!

Step 3

thankful banner

Carefully outline your letters onto the paper circles. I used the font “Janda Stylish Script” and wrote out ‘thankful’ on my computer. I then just eyeballed the style of the letters and tried to recreate them on my circles of paper. If you aren’t confident in your eyeballing skills, you can always trace or stencil the letters on!

Step 4

thankful banner

Take your black sharpie and fill in your letters one at a time, carefully tracing over your pencil marks. I made some lines of my letters thicker for a more scripty look. After that I outlined the letters with a gold sharpie for some extra sparkle πŸ™‚

thankful banner

Step 5

thankful banner

Glue your paper circles to your glitter coasters. I used hot glue, but I imagine rubber cement or craft glue would work just as well! Take your circles and clip them onto a length of ribbon using mini clothespins. You could also just glue the circles directly to the ribbon!


thankful banner

I also made two tassels for the ends of my thankful banner using more ribbon and some twine, following some of the same steps that I used in my tassel garland tutorial. Hot glue your tassels to your ribbon if you decide to make them!

And here’s my finished PartyPail Thankful Banner!

thankful banner

I think it turned out quite spectacular! The gold and glitter brings a new sparkle to my recently completed fireplace makeover!

thankful banner(Mumford and Oliver wanted to be models, apparently.)

thankful banner

thankful banner

thankful banner

thankful banner

Β What are you most thankful for?





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