Get the Look for Less: Anthropologie Bedroom

One of my favorite places to browse home decor might be surprising – it’s Anthropologie! They are mostly known for clothing, but they actually have a pretty gorgeous home section. While Anthro’s kitchenwares are actually pretty affordable and I own several pieces, their larger home decor pieces are little budget-breaky. If you, too, love Anthro and want the same style in your bedroom but can’t afford the price tag, then check out my Get the Look for Less post below!

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

I checked out Anthropologie’s new arrivals section on their website and put together some pieces that I thought would look nice in a simple and elegant bedroom. So if you love white, gold, naturals, and a pop of beautiful tealy blue, then this space is for you!

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Anthropologie Inspired Duvet Cover

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

I just loooove the look of a fluffy white duvet. So airy, so comfy, so dream-inducing. I also really appreciate when white duvets have some sort of pin-tucking or ruching – intentional wrinkles means no ironing and less fuss! Anthro’s version is dreamy, but wayyyy to expensive, plus you have to pay an extra $98 for the shams. I found a just as dreamy set from Wayfair, pillow shams included.

Anthropologie Inspired Area Rug

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

Overdyed rugs are all the rage right now and this gorgeous jewel-toned beauty from Anthropologie is the perfect mix of bohemia and sophistication. Rugs are expensive, but they don’t need to be several thousand dollars-worth of expensive! I found a much more affordable version from Overstock that’s a similar shade of poppy teal.

Anthropologie Inspired Side Table

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

Classy, non-bulky nightstands are a great way to keep your necessities close at hand without being to obtrusive. I love the gold metallic frame and the unique cylindrical shape you don’t see often in furniture. Anthro’s version is a little pricey, especially if you want to buy one for either side of the bed, but Wayfair has a much more budget-friendly option.

Anthropologie Inspired Curtains

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

Curtains are often an afterthought to many rooms, but their addition can really make a space! Light airy curtains like these jacquard ones from Anthro are pretty and flowy, but at $178 for ONE panel, it’s not very budget-conscious. Paul’s Home Fashion’s has a similar lacy and billowy feel, but they are much more friendly on your walled and come in a 2-pack.

Anthropologie Inspired Artwork

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

Any good and relaxing bedroom needs pretty and calming art. A moon art print is just the thing to send you off to sweet dreams! I love the foiled details on Anthropologie’s version, but the 2k pricetag is a big ouchie. I found a similar print with a beautiful blue background and a few gold accents as cost-affordable download on Etsy.

Anthropologie Inspired Shelf

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

You need a shelf to put your knick-knacks, favorite books, a scented candle or two. These shelves are originally intended for bathrooms, but I think they would be fun in a bedroom too – the bottom half can double as a place to hang the next day’s outfit or keep a blanket handy. Anthropologie’s shelf is nice, but a seller on Etsy handmakes them for much less and you can customize the pipe and wood colors!

Anthropologie Inspired Dresser

get the look for less anthropologie bedroom

Keep your clothes in style with a pretty dresser that makes a statement but doesn’t take up much space. The Anthropologie version has pretty gold knobs and feet, but the price is a little high for only 3 drawers. West Elm has a much more cost-effective version that has similar mid-century modern legs and 3 drawers for storing all your garments. If you want it to look even more like the Anthro dresser, swap out the knobs for something more glitzy!

Now, if you were to buy all of the Anthropologie pieces brand new at once, your total cost would be $6,612.00 before tax. Eeesh. That’s a pretty penny! However, if you were to buy all of my look-alike versions, your grand total would be……. only $1,328.13! That’s a savings of 80%!

And remember, you can always save even MORE by purchasing pieces slowly over time when sales are happening or by searching garage sales and thrift stores for pieces that will fit. If you love this series, be sure to check out my other Get the Look for Less posts HERE!




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