Crisp Fall Printable

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve all made it through the week! What are you going to do with your weekend? I’m working a wedding on Saturday with my dear friend Ana and then on Sunday it’s my last weekend shift at the library! Yahoo!

It’s very fall-y today and considering that official fall (September 23rd this year) is only a few short days away, I thought I would make a lovely crisp fall printable for you all featuring one of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” And it’s totally my sentiment exactly. Life always has this sense of renewal when the winds shift, the leaves change, and we start wearing our cozy clothes again. The crisp air always feels so fresh, so invigorating, and so inspiring.

This fall is particularly renewing for me as it has now been a full month since my father’s death. August was a ridiculously hard month for me for many reasons, so I have embraced September and fall as a true fresh start. A new beginning. A time to look towards the future and be fearless.

Please enjoy my crisp fall printable and vow yourself to make this month, and this season, the best that you possibly can.

Get your crisp fall printable HERE!


crisp fall






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