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Happy Monday, readers! Hopefully your Monday is going well, even if it is the start of the work week. Mondays for me are always busy – it’s a day to run errands, update the blog, edit photos from photography gigs I have over the weekend and it ends in a small group Bible study with some of our closest friends. I’m getting tired just thinking of everything else I need to fit in today! Anybody with me?

But no matter how busy I am, I always make my blog a priority both because I love sharing and interacting with you and also because it’s my dream to make this my full time gig one day! While browsing Anthropologie one day, I found an AMAZING piece of artwork by Caitlin McClain of Little Low Studio that I absolutely fell in love with. I absolutely believe in supporting small business owners and artists, but I’m a little short on cash, so I decided to make an homage to Caitlin’s original artwork to enjoy in my own home until I can save up the money for one of her fantastic works.  Here’s my inspiration from Anthro and here is Caitlin’s beautiful website!

Little Low Studio-Inspired Sharpie Art

anthropologie knock-off

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I used some Sharpies in my desired colors and a blank canvas. I know the original is a rectangular piece of high-quality paper, which is far superior, but I had a square canvas lying around, so I just decided to use that. I picked some colors that would work with my decor that are a little different from the original. I love sketching and doodling and Caitlin came up with a gorgeous design that works with so many different style types.

anthropologie knock-off

anthropolgoie knock-off

anthropologie knock-off

I continued adding in pieces until I got the look of Caitlin’s piece. The picture above is all that the original print includes, but since I am using a square canvas I decided to add some more doodles and sketches of my own to add more visual interest and fill up some blank space.

And here’s the finished product!

anthropologie knock-off

It’s definitely not as good as the original, but it will do until I can scrape together the money to afford the real thing! Until I find a more permanent spot for it, it’s dressing up my guest bathroom. Every room, even the water closet, needs a little art and love 🙂

anthropologie knock-off

This is just a piece I did because I like making art, was tight on cash, and was extremely inspired by this piece from Little Low Studio. If you love the look, please consider going to Caitlin’s Etsy shop or website and buying this piece (or one of her many other AMAZING prints, cards, or canvases) to have for your very own. Also consider following Little Low Studio on Instagram and Facebook for some swoon-worthy feeds! Supporting small businesses and artist’s livelihoods is extremely important, and as a small business owner myself, I hope to one day be able to make enough money from this blog to be able purchase great original works from unique and beautiful artists.





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