Front Door Monogram Decor Craft Tutorial


Hey all! I hope you had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ Hubby was gone on a golf trip this weekend so I spent some time garage sale-ing with new friends and having a girl’s dinner and sleepover night with some of my dearest friends from college. Carne Asada Dinner + Life Conversations + Wine + The Little Mermaid is an awesome combo. Just sayin’. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in work and daily life that you forget to have fun. So glad that I made plans with my girlies this weekend – it really lifted me up out of that daily grind drudgery!

Today I bring you a little quick and easy monogram craft that will brighten your front door! I haven’t done anything to our front porch area since moving in in November, and thought the space could use a little stamp of style and class! This project only takes about an 30 minutes or less (depending on how fast your paint drys) and is easy to whip up for an instant step-up in your curb appeal game! Let’s get started πŸ™‚

Monogram Materials


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Wooden craft sign

Wooden filigree piece

Wooden letters

Spray paint in desired colors,

– Newspaper

Twine or ribbon

Glue gun

All of the wood pieces I found at Michael’s craft store for a couple dollars each and I think the letters were something like 89 cents each! If you were super fancy and wanted to, you could theoretically cut out these pieces with some sort of jigsaw or blade, but I’m lazy and like things quick πŸ™‚ As for the monogram, I picked the initials for my name and my husband’s name with the big S standing for our last name. Traditionally with monograms, the last name initial goes in the center with the other initials on either side. You can pick all the same sized letters if you want, but I decided to go with a varied look.

Step 1 – Set up


Lay out all of your wood pieces on some newspaper and weigh down with rocks with needed. Of course the day I picked to do this ended up being a sunny but windy day, so for a while I was chasing newspaper all over the yard like a madwoman! How classy. So take note: rocks are your friends on windy days. All my newspaper is close together in this picture, but make sure you have enough space between them so the spray paint from one piece doesn’t get blown onto another.

Step 2 – Spray away!

monogram monogram


Once you have everything set up, feel free to spray away! I did several light coats on each piece, waiting until it was dry between coats so it didn’t end up a soppy mess. It was a sunny bright day, so this went pretty quickly! If you do this in a garage or on a cloudy/colder day, dry times could take longer. I know I picked red spray paint up above in the materials photo, but part way through I decided that navy would look better by our front door. The great thing about spray paint? In most instances you can just spray over what you’ve done with a new color and no one will be the wiser πŸ˜‰ I love Rust-Oleum’s spray paints, and the blue and white are great because they are paint and primer in one! Talk about handy dandy πŸ™‚

Step 3 – Attach hanging device


My hot glue gun is one of my favorite tools. So quick and versatile! Take your ribbon or twine and hot glue the ends on the back your base board. Make sure the mid-point is centered and that the loop you create isn’t too big or too small. Let dry.

Step 4 – Hot glue remaining pieces



If needed, lay your pieces on top first and determine where you want them to go. Check for things being centered and as high or as low as you want them. Put tiny dabs of hot glue on the filigree piece first and press it down onto the baseboard. As my 5th grade teacher always used to say: “a little dab will do ya!” Since the filigree piece has very thin edges, you need to be careful to not put too much glue or else it will leak out the sides when you press it down. Hot glue the monogram letters down, pressing for a few seconds until the glue sets.

When you finish it should look something like this!


I immediately rushed outside and hung it by our front door. There is the perfect space for this underneath our house number and porch light that was just begging for a pretty piece of monogram decor to jazz it up! And there was already a hook there. Boom. I’m hoping to add a pretty DIY wreath and custom welcome mat sometime soon, but for now, this is just the ticket to make it not look so blah and boring. I’ve already noticed several neighbors stopping to look at! Now if only they would ask me to make them custom ones and pay me for them…

What colors would you choose for your front door monogram decor?




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