DIY Eye Chart Quote Art

So a couple weeks back I went and had my yearly eye exam (woohoo, I know). I only got glasses last year, but I wanted to make sure nothing had changed. All’s clear in the eye department, though my vision is a little worse, though that’s to be expected with aging. (What?! Aging!) Anyway, while I was in the eye doctor’s office I thought, how cool would it be to make some eye chart inspired art?

So instead of random letters I decided to use the phrase ‘And they lived happily ever after.’ I’ve found my prince charming and we are definitely living happily ever after! Plus it’s good for checking my vision at home, right? 😉

To get the full details on how I made it, head on over to Silhouette America’s blog and check it out by clicking HERE!

eye chart quote art

Do you wear glasses or contacts or do you have perfect vision?





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