Be Brave Free Printable Quote

Hey friends and happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend, arent’ you? What do you have on tap for your weekend plans? Hubby and I plan to have a picnic on the beach this evening, get some stuff around the house, and perhaps take a hike! Summer is such a great time to try new things or cross stuff off your to-do list. It feels so good!

Since it’s Freebie Friday, I decided to whip up a fun little free printable quote featuring a deer, and the words ‘be brave.’ No matter what time of year it, there are always things that scare us or things that don’t go exactly as we imagined. In those less than idea times, it’s important to remember to be brave! Being brave doesn’t mean there is an absence of fear, it just means we find the courage to power through it!

Get the ‘Be Brave’ Free Printable Quote pdf HERE!

be brave free printable quote

Here’s what it looks like in a gallery wall! The printable is set to print as an 8×10, but feel free to resize it to your needs!

be brave free printable quote

What is one thing that scares you that you want to overcome?





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