Bucket List Hanging Wall Banner

Happy Monday, friends! Back to the daily grind, huh? To make your Monday just a little sweeter, I’m over at Silhouette America’s blog today to share my full tutorial on my Bucket List Hanging Wall Banner. We all have a bucket list, whether it’s written down or not – things we want to do, see, eat, explore! But I realized that even if I went out and did all the things on my list, they wouldn’t mean nearly as much if I didn’t have my love by my side. My true bucket list is to do everything I can with my husband – see the world, try new things, and even just sit at home on the couch. <3

For the full step-by-step tutorial, head on over to Silhouette’s blog by clicking HERE and happy adventuring! 🙂

bucket list hanging wall banner

What’s on your bucket list?



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