Easy and Adorable $10 Gift Exchange Present Idea

Tis the Season of the gift exchange, white elephants, office shindigs and Christmas parties. I recently got invited to a church Favorite Things party, which is where you bring 3 of the same item, and then draw names to see who gets to take each item home. It sounds pretty fun and I’m looking forward to going! As part of the party prep, I went out to Target (this isn’t sponsored, I just love it there, ha) and put together 3 identical gifts that are $10. I thought I would share with you all what I came up with in case any of you are going to parties this season and aren’t sure what to bring!

Easy $10 Gift Exchange Present Idea

This present idea is great if you know you’ll be going to a gift exchange with ladies. I decided on a little mini-spa theme for this gift idea. I mean, you just gotta treat yo’ self sometimes! Heck, this would even make a good regular gift for friends and family members! …. I may have made an extra copy of this gift to keep for myself…. I mean, it was only $10!

Here’s what I picked up from Target:

$10 Gift Exchange Present Idea

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A glitter makeup pouch, pair of fuzzy socks, nail polish, emery board, and a couple of face masks. If you’re interested in recreating this present idea but don’t want to leave on the house (and who does – it means you have to put on pants) then you can shop from the icons below and recreate this gift almost exactly all online!

Here’s a little further look at what I chose and why I chose it:

The second I saw these glitter pouches, I knew they were calling my name. They’re super sturdy, have an adorable rose gold zipper, and the outside is coated in clear plastic, so no glitter shedding! Yay! And each one was only $5 flat. score.

Next I found pairs of fuzzy winter socks in Target’s Dollar Spot section (AKA the best section ever). Each pair was just $1! I picked pairs with a cute snowflake that was wintery but not over-the-top Christmasy so they can be worn longer in the season.

Who doesn’t like a little manicure? I found a beautiful golden colored nail polish (that I also already owned and love) that I figured was holiday-ish but classy enough for everyday wear. I paired it with a fun emery board. I bought a 3-pack that had glitter and polka dot boards in it, so I was able to reduce the cost of this gift idea even more by splitting up the 3 pack for each of my gifts.

And lastly, I included 2 different face masks from the brand Que Bella. I chose a pomegranate peel-off mask, because pomegranates smell amazing and I love when you can peel masks off – it’s addicting, isn’t it? For the second mask, I chose a relaxing lavender-scented mud mask because lavender is perfect for kicking back and relaxing on a cold winter’s night by the fire!

I put all these pieces together inside the unzipped tote like so:

$10 Gift Exchange Present Idea

Super cute, right? Since I’ll be taking these to a party, I decided to wrap them up a bit further so nothing falls out – enter cellophane bags, a bit of Christmas paper filler (does it have a proper name??), and a bit of shiny gold and silver ribbon.

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What’s your go-to gift exchange present idea??



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