Rhinestone Mandala

Do you ever get super frustrated when you are working on a fiddly craft or piece of artwork, trying to glue rhinestones or bits of paper down? I know I do. The glue ends up all over my fingers and end up dropping each tiny sticky piece a hundred times before I get it where I want it on my piece of work. Ugh! But luckily for you and me, Silhouette has an awesome tool so you can leave sticky fingers behind! You don’t even need to own a Silhouette machine to use this tool – it’s perfect for crafters of all kinds! It’s call the Pick-Me-Up tool and it’s perfect for precise crafting, like my rhinestone mandala!

Head on over to Silhouette America to see the deets and the full tutorial HERE!

rhinestone mandala silhouette america

rhinestone mandala silhouette america

What would you use the Pick-Me-Up tool for?



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