The Best Gifts for Men and The Best Gifts for Women this Christmas

In case you haven’t been counting, there are still a good 10 days left to get your Christmas shopping in! (Wait, what?! How are there only 10 days left??) In case you’re panicking (like me) about what to get the guys and girls in your lives, I’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas – the best gifts for men and the best gifts for women. These Christmas presents are perfect for all the different people in your lives, whether they like cooking, are nerdy, or love the latest tech. Check ’em out below!

The Best Gifts for Men and The Best Gifts for Women

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I feel like we all know that men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. I mean, I’ve been with my husband for 8 years and it’s still hard to figure out what to get him! In effort to help gift-buyers all over the world, I’ve curated 6 present ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest guy in your life.

  1. Power Grid board game from Amazon – Board games are a great option for the man in your life who is either a little bit nerdy or just has a playful spirit. There are a ton of great boardgames on Amazon and one of our personal favorites is Power Grid. It’s a clever strategy game and every guy I know who has ever played it loves it!
  2. Portable Grill from Uncommon Goods – If your man is a foodie, loves camping, or just eating in general, this portable grill from Uncommon Goods is a unique gift he’s sure to love. It all packs up into a tiny suitcase so he can easily take it to a tailgate or pack it up for a camping trip. It has all you need!
  3. Yeti Tumbler from Amazon – Keep coffee hot or soda ice cold with this super rugged and durable Yeti tumbler travel mug from Amazon. It’s the perfect rough-and-tumble design for daily use and your coffee – loving guy will love how it keeps his beverage hot longer than subpar travel mugs.
  4. Ear Bud Headphones from Amara – Every man needs a good pair of ear buds – whether for listening to music and podcasts, taking a conference call, or giving his sweetie (that’s you!) a ring on the phone. Amara has the most beautifully stylish and quality earbuds that I’ve found – they make the perfect fashion accessory for your conscious guy!
  5. Nintendo Switch from Target – I’m pretty sure basically every guy on the planet wants a Nintendo Switch! This new gaming system is one of the highest rated and has several awesome game moods/configurations so you can join in on the fun, too! PS The best game to pair with it is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  6. Whisky Drink Set from Uncommon Goods – If you have a sophisticated gentleman on your list that enjoys a good whisky (like my husband!) then a specific whisky drinking set is sure to please. This set from Uncommon Goods comes with glasses and whisky stones, which keep your dram cool without watering it down. Plus it all looks classy left out on a bar cart!

If you’re still looking for places to buy gifts for men, check out – which is perfect for the techy dude in your life, or Think Geek, which brings out the inner nerd in any guy. Another pro tip: If you’re shopping on Amazon, be sure to cross-check the prices on – this website tracks the prices of items on Amazon so you’ll be sure to know if you’re getting the best deal or not!

Now we can’t forget the ladies! I feel like women are easier to buy for, but it can still be tough to pick out just the right gift for that special someone. Whether your mom/sister/bestie/co-worker is creative, quirky, or classy, there’s a gift for everyone!

  1. Macaron Making Kit from Uncommon Goods – If you know a lady who loves baking, or wants to get into it, a macaron making kit is the perfect gift. French macarons are notoriously hard to make, but this kit from Uncommon Goods makes it quick and easy! It includes everything you need to make the perfect macaron – I’m definitely putting this on my wishlist!
  2. Copper Wine Glasses from Target – Who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine or bubbly on the weekend? These copper wine glasses from Target are not only classy, but they also keep your drink cooler longer than glass. Copper is very trendy right now, so these will look perfect and stylish perched on any lady’s bar cart! Perfect for ladies nights or just a relaxing night in.
  3. Instax Camera from Target – Help your favorite lady make memories that last with this adorable Instax polaroid camera that you can get from Target. The mint color is quirky and fun, and it provides snaps instantly that she can post, share, and send. This camera is perfect for candid snaps during the holidays and is also a great gift for younger girls!
  4. Literary Scarf from Uncommon Goods – If you have a bookish friend who also happens to love being warm and stylish, a literary scarf from Uncommon Goods is the way to go. These come with text from several different novels (pick your fave – mine would be Pride and Prejudice 🙂 ) so your friend can show off her love for a certain book or author. So pretty and cozy!
  5. Modern Pitcher from Amara – This beautiful modern pitcher from Amara is perfect for your coffee or tea-loving lady. The perfect size for cream, this pitcher looks gorgeous on any table or coffee bar. You could even use it for serving sauces or gravies at your holiday dinner! I just love the modern and clean design – Amara is king (or is that queen?) when it comes to stylish home decor.
  6. Cosmetic Bag from Amara – Every lady needs a stylish place to store her makeup! This cosmetic bag from Amara is just the thing to keep all her shadows, brushes and more easily at hand and portable. Amara has a TON of gorgeous cosmetic bag options, so you’re sure to find a print to please any woman that you’re buying for!

These 3 sites I’ve listed are among my top places to get gifts for women – Amara has the most beautiful, stylish, and high-quality pieces I’ve seen (check out their holiday gift selection HERE), Uncommon Goods has unique and cool gifts you won’t find elsewhere, and I’m pretty sure almost every woman I’ve met loves Target! My other favorite places for lady presents are Anthropologie, World Market, and Etsy.

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The Best Gifts for Men and The Best Gifts for Women

The Best Gifts for Men and The Best Gifts for Women

What are the best gifts for men and the best gifts for women?



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