Lifely Lately – September Update

It’s October tomorrow?!? How did that happen? Fall is officially in full swing and I’ve been loving it. Sweaters, scarves, boots, cozy gray days, and Pumpkin Spice everything – yep, fall is definitely my favorite season! Want to know what I’ve been up to this past month? Take a gander below for an inside look at my hopes, dreams, musings, and more!

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What I’m Reading:

I recently finished reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store – it was really quite good! A unique story, a fun cast, creative premise, and lots of books involved! I’ve now moved onto two other books (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who has multiple books going at the same time – I pick which I want to read depending on my mood!) – the first is A Subtle Knife, which is the second book in the His Dark Materials Trilogy. It’s a series meant for children, but it’s pretty interesting and a fun fantasy storyline. The other one I’m reading is A Discovery of Witches, which is the first book in the All Souls Trilogy. (If you can’t tell, I love series books.) This one is about a modern day witch and a mysterious manuscript and it’s been a fun read so far.

What I’m Binge-Watching:

Hubby and I are still watching Mad Men and I’m still yelling at the characters for their poor life choices. I’ve also been re-watching Outlander because it’ll probably be next year by the the time the next season premiers and I’m jonesing for my Scottish fix. They call it “Droughtlander” for a reason, folks.

What I’m Creating: 

I’ve actually taken a bit of break from actively creating physical projects. I’ll be doing a few here and there for the blog of course, but mostly what I’ve been working on creatively is my novel. I’ve been making time to write 3 or 4 days a week and it’s been really cool to see my imagination flow out onto the page.

What I’m Needing: 

Right this minute? Lunch. I’m so hungry! Haha. But, jesting aside, I feel like I need to simplify things, mostly when it comes to our house. We’ve collected a lot of stuff over the past 3 years that we’ve lived here, so I think it’s high time that we pare down our belongings and Konmari the ish out of every room! I love cleaning and organizing so I’m actually excited about this task hah. Now I just need to fit in the time to do it!

What I’m Listening to: 

I’ve been listening to electro swing when I need a pick-me-up or do active things like cleaning – the beats are just too addictive! My husband and I used to take swing dance lessons when we lived in the city, and I’ve been itching to keep dancing so I told him that we were going to start implementing swing dance date nights at home on a weekly basis. When I’m working on my creative writing, I like to listen to instrumental music and celtic music (i.e. Scottish traditional music or the Outlander soundtrack). Mmm, so good and so inspiring!

What I’m Wearing: 

Fall is here! Fall is here! I just want to shout it from the rooftops! I’ve broken out my sweaters, scarves, leggings, and boots, and I’m as happy as a clam. I’ve also found some awesome shirt dresses that are great for layering and so cozy to boot. Layering is my jam and fall clothes are my favorite. Endofstory.

What I’m Dreaming about: 

Dreaming about getting my novel finished! I’m only like 1/15 of the way through the first draft, but I’m already dreaming about the day when it will be finally finished. I’m going to work hard to make that a reality, and hopefully someday it will be in print so you all can read it (if you want) 🙂

What I’m Excited For:

I’m already getting excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Fall holidays are just so much fun and I just love the crisp weather and all the yummy food! I’m also excited to head to my friends’ house tomorrow for their housewarming party! It’ll be a great chance to see a bunch of friends, hang out, play games, and eat good food. Can’t ask for much more than that!

What I’m Worried about:

Sometimes I get worried that I’m letting opportunities pass me by or that I’m not living up to my full potential. Sometimes a few days (or weeks..) will go by and I will feel like I did nothing productive, nothing to further myself, not much progress towards my goals, etc. I’m trying to beat laziness and perfectionism anxiety and just move towards my goals, even if that means I’m stumbling and messing up along the way. I just want to live the best life I can live, so I’m trying hard to jump on opportunities, take care of myself, and not leave my dreams as dreams.

What I’m Learning:

I’m constantly learning to lean on God and trust in His timing. I mean, let’s be real, that will always be a constant exercise in learning. I’m very much a planner, and like knowing how things will go ahead of time, but I know that life doesn’t work like that. So I’m trying hard to learn how to be patient and take things as they come and wait for the right time.

What I’m Loving: 

My husband! He just got back from a week-long work trip to Detroit and I’ve been missing him like crazy! It’s SO good to have him home and I’m loving getting to spend time with him this weekend after spending a week apart. Love that man! <3

What’s been going on in your life lately?




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