January 2018 Bumpdate

How has another month gone by?? Only 8 weeks left (plus or minus) until we meet our little girl! It’s absolutely insane that we are getting so close. It still feels like it’s going slowly, but then when I see that the weeks left are in the single digits, I get really excited (and a little bit panicked!) that she’ll be here in just a few weeks. In case you missed it, I also posted the first installment in our infertility / IVF journey that you can read HERE. I plan on doing a few more installments over the coming months so that you can get the whole story. Please feel to ask me any questions about the process – I’m an open book!

January 2018 Bumpdate

This past month was a bit slower than December’s crazyness, which was nice. Then last weekend we had over some of my husband’s family to help start putting together the nursery, which was a HUGE help. So far we have wallpaper up, a crib, a lamp, a new pendant light, and a pouf. Haha. Definitely still a long way to go before it’s done, but I’ll be sharing the style board in the next week so you can get an idea of where it’s headed! Okay, now on to the bumpdate 🙂

Due Date: March 23rd, 2018 <3

How Far Along: 32 weeks and 6 days!

January 2018 Bumpdate

So happy to be getting closer to our due date! 

How I’m Feeling: Fairly good! I really don’t get that much sleep these days (see below) so I’m basically super tired and running on empty all the time. I literally do not care about so many things. Drop something on the floor? I guess it’s staying there now. House is a mess? Meh, don’t have the energy to clean it. I’m becoming very selective about what I use my energy for, and as a result, lots of things are falling by the wayside. Ah well, I DON’T CARE. 😀 It’s also nice to for once not be dealing with something like debilitating morning sickness or surgery or what have you. Though I will say I’m getting pretty uncomfortable. It’s hard for me to believe she’ll get any bigger, but we still have around 8 weeks to go! Eek!

Cravings/Aversions: Some of my morning nausea has actually come back the past couple weeks, but it’s not too bad and usually just happens while I’m eating breakfast, but I power through. The other day I was talking to Nate about Hawaii and had a super intense craving for shave is (still do, actually), and I’m always down to eat ice cream or drink grape juice. Other than that, no particularly intense cravings or aversions. It’s more like an aversion to wanting to cook anything because I have zero energy… we may have ordered in Thai food last week because of that very reason… 😉

January 2018 Bumpdate

Still doing photos on my phone because I’m lazy and have zero cares, remember?

Sleep: What is sleep? I’m guessing my body is just preparing itself to be up all night with baby girl because literally my sleep is so poor every. single. night. I get up multiple times to pee, I wake up parched and need to get drinks of water, and most annoyingly, I’m just so darn uncomfortable. I’m used to being able to flip and turn around and sleep on my stomach or my back and now I can do none of those things. Rolling over in bed is a momentous occasion, but I need to do it several times a night otherwise hip pain wakes me up. Good times, good times. And usually when I wake up, it takes me a long time to fall back asleep, so it really is a vicious cycle of waking up, peeing/drinking/readjusting, then trying to fall back asleep, only to have the whole thing repeat an hour or two later. Womp womp.

Weight Gain: As of my last appointment, I had gained around 13 lbs total for the entirety of this pregnancy. Going to have another appointment soon, so we will see how that changes! I definitely feel like I’ve been gaining more the past couple weeks as baby girl has been growing a ton! The swelling has started, though. As of last week I can no longer wear my wedding ring *tears* 🙁

My cat Mumford decided he wanted in on the photos haha

Gender: We posted a gender reveal a while back, and we are having a GIRL!

Name: We have decided on one, but we aren’t telling the internet at large yet 😛 I’m in love with her name, though. It’s beautiful and feminine, but not too feminine, and unique. <3

How Big Is Baby: She’s roughly around 16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds (or in vegetable terms, the size of a squash or a jicama). I’m definitely feeling how big she is now considering how much harder it is for me to bend over and move around!

Bump: Ohhh, it’s out there. It’s funny, when I look down or I’m sitting, my bump doesn’t seem that big to me, but when I stand up, or when I see myself in a picture I’m like dayyyyummm I swallowed a watermelon! Perception is a weird thing. Also, bending over is difficult, so the other night my husband painted my toenails for me and he rocked it. Pretttyy sure I fell more in love with him at that moment <3 🙂

January 2018 Bumpdate

I married the best man ever. If a man is willing to paint your toenails when you can’t reach them, he’s a KEEPER.

January 2018 Bumpdate

WHOA, helllloooo belly!

Baby’s Movement: This girl likes to move it-move it! Her favorite times to wiggle and karate chop are still in the morning when I’m waking up and then again before I go to bed. And then anytime I’m sitting still for a while, like while working at my desk or eating lunch. I’ve treasured every single movement, kick, and flip – it’s been so cool to feel (and see!) her moving around. Nate thinks it’s pretty awesome too 🙂

Fave Baby Purchase/Gift So Far: I’m in the midst of putting baby girl’s nursery together and I’m SO in love with everything that is going in. We (and by we, I mean my awesome sister-in-law and mother-in-law) put up some gorgeous vinyl wallpaper in the nursery and I can’t stop going in to stare at it. I’ve also been developing quite the collection of llama stuffed animals and pillows 🙂 My baby shower is this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have a ton of wonderful new favorites by the next bumpdate!

January 2018 Bumpdate

The dream team of wallpaper putter-uppers: my MIL and SIL! They totally rocked this project!

January 2018 Bumpdate

Pippa supervised and approved of the new wall look 😉

What I’m Excited For: I just seriously am so excited to meet her. It’s kind of hard to imagine a real life little person in my belly, and I just want to see her face and hold her in my arms (and of course take big whiffs of that new baby smell). I want to get down to the business of being her mama – waiting is just so hard!

What I’m Nervous/Anxious About: Still anxious about feeling prepared by the time she gets here. I think I’ll feel a bit better after my shower and have some basics taken care of. And then just hoping that we will do a good job of taking care of her and being her parents. But I know everyone feels like that and most everyone seems to do okay, so here’s hoping that we do too!

January 2018 Bumpdate

Excited and ready, nervous and not ready, all at the same time 😀

I’ll catch ya back next month for my February Bumpdate, which might be my last one ever! Ahhh! 🙂

What are nursery must-haves??



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