Life Lately: October Update

October has come, and October is just about gone. It really is mind blowing how fast time seems to go when you’re an adult. Do you remember when you were a child and it seemed to take AGES and AGES until winter break came around? And now somehow we are only 9 weeks away from Christmas when it feels like Christmas just happened two months ago. Time is weird like that. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. Want to know what I’ve been up to this October? Read on:

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What I’m Reading:

Usually I have more than one book going at a time, but this month I’m just reading one – The Book of Life, the third book in the All Souls Trilogy. It’s about modern day witches, vampires, and daemon’s, time travel, and a mysterious manuscript – a lot of my favorite things! Next on the list is to finally read The Girl on the Train – I need to see what all the hype is about!

What I’m Binge-Watching:

Hubby and I are still watching Mad Men and I’m still yelling at the characters for their poor life choices. While working I’ve also caught up on the latest seasons of New Girl (I’m pretty sure Jess Day is my spirit animal) and Portlandia (Keep it weird, Portland) – I like having silly comedies to keep my mood up!

What I’m Creating: 

Still on a bit of a creativity break, aside from the odd project here and there for the blog. I just haven’t been feeling very artsy! I’ve been working on my novel here and there when I find them, so that’s served as my creative outlet for now. Hoping to find even more time to work on that and add to my story!

What I’m Needing: 

A hug. It’s been a bit of a hard life day and I could just use some hugs and encouragement. This thing called life, while extremely beautiful and wonderful, can also be a little bit tough sometimes. There’s always hope for the future though! A hug would be nice, though.

What I’m Listening to: 

I’ve been listening to electro swing when I feel upbeat and need to focus on monotonous tasks like cleaning since it has a repetitive vibe. However, when I’m working on creative things like a blog post or my novel, I like to listen to instrumental music since it inspires me without distracting me!

What I’m Wearing: 

Oh you know I’ve been living in my sweaters, scarves, leggings, boots, and shirt dresses! Seriously can’t stress enough how much I love fall and it’s requisite clothing. If I could wear fall clothes all year round and still be the perfect temperature, I so would.

What I’m Dreaming about: 

Dreaming about getting my novel finished, dreaming about Scotland, dreaming about the future. There are so many possibilities, so many waiting opportunities, so many dreams to be fulfilled. Lord, grant me the strength to reach for and attain them all!

What I’m Excited For:

I’m excited for Friendsgiving – each year our core group of friends hosts a Thanksgiving meal and it’s one of my favorite traditions of the year. We get about 20 people and it expands all the time as new significant others and children are added and spending time with them means the world to me – they’re just like family!

What I’m Worried about:

Still worried that I’m not living up to my full potential. Sometimes a few days (or weeks..) will go by and I will feel like I did nothing productive, nothing to further myself, not much progress towards my goals, etc. Which then turns into paralyzing anxiety, which results in not doing things. It kind of sucks. I just need to woman up and to be afraid to fall.

What I’m Learning:

I’m trying to learn how to be patient and faithful and what that looks like in daily life. I want to learn how to help others with the gifts I’ve been given and not squander them. I’m learning that I can’t control every little detail and it’s hard.

What I’m Loving: 

My amazing, loving, and thoughtful husband. Anytime I’m having a bad day, he’s there for me – giving me a hug, cheering me up, brining me flowers, or just being present in the hard times with me. He’s my constant and my rock (after Jesus, of course) and I’m SO so thankful for everything that he is.

What’s been going on in your life lately?



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