December 2017 Bumpdate

December passed by in a whirlwind of social and festive activities. We hosted an ELF movie night (Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?), went to several gift exchanges and cookie parties, birthday dinners, baby showers, appointments, hangouts, shopping, and hosted family and multiple dinners at our house, including Christmas Eve. PHEW. I loved every minute spent with family and friends, but now I’m quite burned out and ready for a bit of rest and relaxation. What about you?

December 2017 Bumpdate


We are getting closer to meeting our sweet baby – it’s crazy to think that in 12 weeks or less we will have a new little family member in our lives! It’s blowing my mind, in the best of ways. Read on below to check out my bumpdate for this month, which includes LOTS of pictures! 🙂

Due Date: March 23rd, 2018 <3

How Far Along: 28 weeks! 3RD TRIMESTER, BABY.

December 2017 Bumpdate

Can you tell how excited I am to be in the 3rd trimester?! It’s taken so long to get here, but I’m so so thankful <3

How I’m Feeling: Pretty good (now). I actually caught a really bad cold/bronchitis or something (which is of course just my luck) and I was down and out sick for like a week and a half, including Christmas. Womp womp. I basically lost my voice and went through all the random cold symptoms – sore throat, headache, fatigue, congestion, complete and utter exhaustion and more. Hoorayyy! But now I’m on the mend once more and will hopefully be feeling better for the rest of this pregnancy. (Oh please, God, please).

Cravings: I’ve been eating allllll the Christmas cookies and candy. I actually failed my first gestational diabetes test, proceeded to freak out, and then ended up passing my 3 hour test. PHEW. So to celebrate of course I’ve been eating ALL THE SUGAR. Trying to bring that back down now though, but my husband got a 5lb bag of peanut butter M&Ms in a white elephant so my will is being tested.

Aversions: NOTHING. PRAISE THE LORD AND HALLELUJAH. Though while I had my cold, I was back to not feeling like eating much at all. Can’t I just have a good appetite for once?!

25.5 weeks here (and I’m actually put together yay!) Scroll down to see 28 week pics! 🙂

Weight Gain: As of my 24 week appt, I had gained around 5 lbs, which is a good start. I haven’t had my 28 week appt yet, so we will see! I still seem to be all belly, which is nice, I suppose, and I can tell she’s definitely been growing, so hopefully we have some good weight gain here.

Gender: We posted a gender reveal a while back, and we are having a GIRL!

Name: We have finally decided on one, but we aren’t telling 😛 I’m in love with her name, though. It’s beautiful and feminine, but not too feminine, and unique. <3 To pick her name we came up with a big list of all the names that both hubby and I liked (together and separately), wrote them down, and then we went back and forth crossing them off one-by-one until we got all the way down to the last name on the list. We did this at Starbucks over a couple of sessions, and it was really fun to narrow down all the choices until we had the perfect name 🙂

December 2017 Bumpdate

Right after we picked baby girl’s name at Starbucks! So happy to have found the perfect one 🙂

How Big Is Baby: She’s around 14.5 inches and 2.2 pounds (or in vegetable terms, the size of an eggplant). It’s mind blowing to think that she is over a foot long now! Somehow she’s all squished up in there but still has room to move around. I think growth is pretty rapid from here on out, so that’ll be exciting too!

Bump: Seems to be growing by the day sometimes! My super sweet and amazing mother-in-law took me maternity clothes shopping (and spent WAY too much on me, the generous soul) so now I have some gorgeous clothes that fit and flatter this growing bump. I still steal hubby’s t-shirts for bedtime, but it’s nice to have actual maternity clothes to wear regularly. I’m also running out of lap room, and this makes my cats very sad and angsty haha.

28 week bump! She’s getting bigger and it is now getting harder to bend over 😀

Baby’s Movement: She has days where she wiggles like crazy and other days where she’s more quiet, but her pattern seems to be moving around right when I wake up, several periods throughout the day, and then at night before bed. One of my favorite things right now when I wake up is to just sit quietly and watch her wiggle for a while – I call it our bonding time! I can tell that she’s still moving from breech to transverse to head down since her strongest kicks will vary from place to place.

Fave Baby Purchase/Gift So Far: I got some adorable things from family members for sweet baby girl for Christmas, including a onesie with llamas on it and cactus teethers (cacti and llamas are the nursery theme!), adorable cuddly bunnies, crocheted hats (including a Seahawks football one), and some sleep sacks. People are already so generous with our little girl! I haven’t bought too much more myself, with the exception of a llama pillow for her room (which is freaking adorable, but not here yet).

December 2017 Bumpdate

Christmas Eve with my loves! Also note how tired I look here because I feel like death. Hah. 

What I’m Excited For: I just really really really want to meet her. One of my best friends had her baby a week or so before Christmas and just seeing her become a mom is so cool – I just can’t wait till it’s my turn! I see pictures of babies on Instagram and just aww, because I can’t wait to hold my own daughter in my arms. I can’t wait! (But seriously though, I can, please stay in there until you are fully cooked, baby girl).

What I’m Nervous/Anxious About: Getting everything done before she gets here! I still need to finish designing the nursery/buy all the things, call my insurance about a breast pump, figure out life insurance and wills, figure out some things for the baby shower, and so much more. I go from thinking I have all the time in the world to being like, wait, what, I only have how many weeks left??

I’ll catch ya back next month for my January Bumpdate! 🙂

What are nursery must-haves??




  • Rachel G says:

    Aww! Your excitement is very obvious! 🙂 My due date is fairly close to yours and I’m loving the third trimester so far! Cacti sounds like a cool theme for the nursery!

    • Erica Sooter says:

      Aw, congrats to you as well! Third trimester has definitely been the best for me thus far (despite the general discomfort and lack of sleep) because for once I’m not dealing with being sick or recovering from surgery! Haha. Prayers for you and your babe-to-be and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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