Laundry Room Art

Hey howdy hey, friends! I’m SUPER excited because yesterday I revealed our Laundry Room Makeover! It’s seriously been on my to-do list forevverrrr and I’m so glad that we finally got it done! For the before, you remember picture wood paneling, a dingy ceiling, a washer/dryer from the 70s and a seashell light fixture, right? And now it’s SO much better! Ahhhhhh 🙂 I’m over at Silhouette today sharing my tutorial for making this fun laundry room art that we used in our reveal – isn’t it cheeky? 😉 Check out the post by clicking HERE and then head on over to my Laundry Room Reveal and let me know what you think of the whole kit and caboodle!

laundry room wall art

What’s your laundry room like?


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