Current Interior Design Trend: Velvet

Velvet isn’t just for Victorians, y’all.

It’s true! Velvet is actually making a huge comeback in the interior design world and I am totally okay with it. Now, before anyone starts making groaning noises, this isn’t your great-grandmother’s velvet. This is a luxe and classy fabric, that when used on modern furniture and decor, can really make a beautiful statement in your home. Read on to see what I mean 😉

Interior Design Trend: Velvet

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The stuffy, dry-clean-only, horrible 90s Christmas dresses velvet of yesteryear is no more – today it is totally washable synthetic buttery goodness that looks great on everything from furniture, to decor and accessories, to yes, even clothing *gasp*. The great thing about it is that it fits in with so many design styles – from boho, to modern, to traditional – there is room in every design plan for velvet! Check out the post below to see how velvet has changed and how you can bring the look into your own home in no time flat.

Fun Facts about Velvet

  • Velvet has been around an incredibly long time – it was first introduced in the 700s in Baghdad
  • At one point, Cairo was the biggest producer of velvet in the world
  • Velvet clothing used to be associated with the rich and noble during the middle ages
  • Velveteen is slightly different than velvet in that it has a shorter pile height
  • Traditional velvet was made from silk, but modern versions are polyester or nylon-based
  • Velvet paintings are horrible and you should never buy one

Velvet Furniture

Interior Design Trend: Velvet{source}

I’m pretty sure that velvet furniture is my new favorite thing ever. The luxe feeling of that buttery softness against your skin? Yep, count me in. The key to using velvet furniture, is to use it sparingly. You don’t want it to look like a fuzzy funhouse or Victorian parlor. Instead, stick with one statement piece, like a couch, a pair of chairs, or a headboard, and have every other piece of furniture be a different material or a modern style. And don’t be afraid of color! I personally love jewel tones when it comes to velvet – think emerald green, royal blue, or deep eggplant. Of course, if you want to try it out before going to bold, you can always stick with a gray or neutral blush velvet for a little pop without being too much on the eyes.

I have a living room style board featuring a beautiful green velvet couch HERE.

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Velvet Home Decor

Interior Design Trend: Velvet{source}

If you’re nervous about making a big commitment to velvet via a couch or bedframe, you can start small with velvet home decor and accessories. A couple of throw pillows, luxe curtains, a cozy quilt, or even velvet-flocked figurines are a great way to start your foray into the velvetine world. As with furniture, you want to keep your velvet accents to a minimum to avoid having your home feel like some kinky weird velvet love den. Pick one or two in your favorite hue and slowly (or quickly) realize just how much you love velvet! A few throw pillows on a linen couch suddenly looks inviting, and curtains in a deep hue give off a sophisticated and classic vibe. Go ahead, play around with velvet accents!

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Velvet Clothing and Accessories

Interior Design Trend: Velvet{source}

Velvet clothing isn’t just for the 90s anymore, folks. (Though if you really want to rock the 90s look, search for ‘crushed velvet’ clothing for maximum nostalgia). These days velvet clothing and accessories are totally classy and you can find a wide range of products with this delicious texture – from earrings, to purses and bags, to phone cases. Once more, stick to wearing one piece at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself with velvety goodness. Pair a black velvet blazer with a graphic tee and skinny jeans for a fun, fresh look, or go bold on a night out with a gold velvet dress and leather heels. The combinations are truly endless!

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Interior Design Trend: Velvet

Velvet as an interior design trend – love it or hate it??



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