Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Holiday Edition!

It’s that time again – time for another Get the Look for Less post! Since the holidays are just around the corner and everyone is already getting excited for Christmas, I decided to do a Restoration Hardware Holiday edition of Get the Look for Less! Who doesn’t love beautiful Christmas decorations for a fraction of the price?? AmIright??

restoration hardware christmas

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So while browsing through Restoration Hardware’s catalog section, I found, to my delight, that they have a Holiday Catalog! I eagerly (and digitally) snatched it up and paged through it all in a heartbeat. So many gorgeous items! But the price tags – oy! Definitely not in my budget. I found this beautiful spread of holiday essentials and just knew I could find some lookalikes for better prices.

restoration hardware christmas

I just love all the glitzy gold and warm glow of all these lights. Light and ambience like that just always remind me of cozy Christmases spent by the tree with my loved ones. I actually don’t have much in the way of Christmas decorations – mostly just childhood things and a mish-mash of pieces given to us by both sets of our parents.  So there’s definitely room for new pretties – especially when they look great but fit into my budget!

Restoration Hardware 7 foot Christmas Tree

restoration hardware christmas

I just love the look of these spindly lighted trees from RH. They just remind me of a winter wonderland! These trees are great for both indoors and outdoors, so no matter where you put them you can have your very own magic forest. I love how they come in all different sizes and the 7 foot model is great for a life-like size. But $229 is a little steep. As luck would have it I found a Restoration Hardware brand 7 foot lighted tree on Ebay for $115! You’re literally getting the same tree for a fraction of the price because they are both RH. How awesome is that??

Restoration Hardware 5 foot Christmas Tree

restoration hardware christmas

The same story goes for the 5 foot version of this tree. A little more petite and a great size to be put in an entry hallway or even a child’s bedroom for a bit of extra magic! These trees have timers so you don’t have to worry about burning too much electricity. I slashed the $179.00 price tag down to $75.00 by finding the same exact Restoration Hardware lighted tree on Ebay. Score!

Restoration Hardware Candle Holder

restoration hardware christmasI just love the look of these honeycomb candle holders. The glass on the top paired with the gold textured bottom just exudes classiness and style! But I’m pretty sure that I will never ever in my life spend $89 for a single candle holder, especially since it doesn’t even come with the candle! I found an almost exact replica at Save-On-Crafts for only $12.99 – now that’s muuuchhhh better. Now I can afford to buy enough to make a pretty mantle grouping like RH shows in it’s catalog!

Restoration Hardware Lighted Garland

restoration hardware christmas

Lighted branch garlands are a fun alternative to the bulky fake green bough garlands you see a lot at Christmastime. Bare branches are classy and leave room for adding other decor pieces to your mantel or tablescape. But $50 bucks is a big commitment. So to see if you like the look, you can get a much more affordable version from Cost Plus World Market! Same spindly branches, same pretty twinkle lights and both are 6′ in length. If you want it to be even more more like RH’s version, tape off any electrical parts and spray the branches with gold spray paint!

Restoration Hardware Lighted Wreath

restoration hardware christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for wreaths, whether they are handmade or store-bought. There are so many beautiful ones, like this lighted version from Restoration Hardware, but I don’t have a budget of $70 bucks for something that will likely just come out of storage once a year. It was pretty hard to find an exact replica since RH’s is so stylistic and unique. But I did find a fun spindly lighted branch wreath from Avon (who knew they also sold Christmas decor?!) that does the trick . Spray paint gold for an even closer match!

If you were to buy all of the Restoration Hardware items brand new outright, your grand total would be $615.00 before tax. A lot of that money could be better spent on Christmas presents, amIright? 

However, if you were to purchase my look-alike versions, your grand total would be $245.47 before tax. That’s a savings of 60%! Muuuuccchh better! Still room in the budget for presents and Christmas cookies galore 🙂 

Of course, remember you can always save even MORE money by purchasing items from Goodwill, garage sales or getting them as hand-me-downs from relatives or friends. If you have your heart set on particular items though, buying them slowly over time instead of all at once will definitely make your wallet happier! I just love these gold glimmery decorations for Christmas and hopefully will be adding a few to my own collections soon!

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?





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